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Anemometer Kestrel 4000 - impeller air flow meter and more...

  • functions: anemometer, thermometer, hygrometer, barometer
  • measurement:
    • air speed
    • temperature
    • wind chill
    • dew point temperature
    • relative humidity
    • heat stress index
    • wet bulb thermometer temperature
    • altitude
    • density altitude
    • barometric pressure
  • possibility of choosing the result units
  • result registry
  • easy to read LCD display
  • waterproof - IP67
  • battery powered
  • small and resistant device 
Anemometr Kestrel 4000


Anemometer Kestrel 4000 is a new generation device for weather monitoring. This pocket size and electronic device is used for measurement of wind speed, temperature, wind chill, dew point temperature, wet bulb thermometer temperature (psychrometer), relative humidity, altitude, density altitude, atmospheric pressure and heat stress index. A display also shows time and date.

The anemometer’s impeller of very light structure, has precise, sapphire bearings, what assures accurate wind measurement also with small air speed. In case of damage the impeller can be easily replaced by a user. 

The anemometer has an option of memorizing the results also after switching the device off. It is also possible to introduce the results manually after pressing an adequate key button. The meter registers up to 250 measurement points.

Combining of an anemometer and a thermometer allows calculation through a built in device microprocessor an additional parameter –wind chill. The device, apart from a current wind speed, allows on reading maximum wind gust and average in various units.

The anemometer Kestrel 4000 has easy to read LCD display, which is adapted to showing chosen parameters. Result update can be seen on the display and takes place every second  (for humidity every minute).

The device is powered from a two AAA size batteryies, which assures continuous work of the device through 400 hours. The device switches off automatically its power supply, if no key button is used for more than 15 minutes.

The anemometer is made out of plastic, and its electronic elements are fully protected from moisture. The device floats, if it is accidentally dropped into water.

The device is equipped with a soft case and two lanyards (for a wrist and a neck) (protecting the device from being dropped  during exploitation).


The anemometer is possible to be used in such fields as:
  • agriculture - conditions for sprayings, conditions of storing the agricultural produce,
  • motorization – control of cooling and air-conditioning systems,
  • aviation – meteorological conditions for conducting the flights of gliders, hang-gliders, balloons,
  • industry- controlling work conditions, air flow control in technological processes,
  • coast guard - control of safety conditions,
  • sport - control of conditions for performing different sports disciplines,
  • air-conditioning and heat engineering- work control of ventilation and air-conditioning channels,
  • fire department – assessing wind influence on fire’s spreading,
  • police - control of the wind on roads (i.e. perpendicular to a way of traffic movement),
  • science and research- meteorology, aerodynamics, environment testing.

Technical data

Measurement of air speed
Scope of measurement 0,4...60 m/s 
Measurement uncertainty (for a component in a device axis) +/- 3% of a reading or +/- 0,1 m/s (in range 0,4...40 m/s)
Underrating indications for wind tilted from a device’s axis -1% for 5° angle
-2% for 10° angle
-3% for 15° angle
Calibration drift <2% after 100 hours of work
at 7 m/s speed
Measurement resolution 0,1 kt, m/s, km/h, mph 
1 FPM up to 1999 FPM
10 FPM from 2000 FPM 
1 Beaufort 0...12
Speed measurement result reading    current average from the last 3 seconds
average an average from the moment of switching on the power supply
maximum 3-second wind gusts
from the moment of switching on the power supply
Choice of result units kt (knots), m/s, km/h, mph (miles per hour), FPM (foot per minute), Beaufort degrees
Scope of air temperature measurement -45...+125 °C (1 minute)
Measurement uncertainty of air temperature and wind chill +/- 1 °C (in range -2...70 °C)
Measurement uncertainty of dew point temperature +/- 2 °C
Measurement uncertainty of heat stress index +/- 3 °C
Measurement resolution 0,1 °C
Temperature measurement result reading current
wind chill, heat stress index temperature
Choice of result units degrees C, F
Measurement uncertainty +/- 3 % (in range 5...95 %)
Scope of measurement 0...100 %
Measurement resolution 0,1 %
Calibration drift +/- 2 % after 24 months
Response time 1 min.
Measurement uncertainty +/- 3 hPa in the temperature scope: -10°C...+60°C
Measurement resolution 0,1 hPa in the scope: 870... 1080 hPa
0,01cali Hg in the scope: 25.7...31.9 cali Hg
Calibration drift +/- 1 hPa after 12 months
Measurement resolution 1 m in the scope: -500 ... 9000
3 ft (foot) in the scope: -1600...30000
Degree of casing protection IP67 (waterproof with immersion up to 1 m in depth), floats on the water
Scope of work temperatures -18...+55 °C
Scope of storage temperatures -30...+60 °C 
2 pieces 1,5V type AAA
Battery work time 400 hours
Automatic power supply switch off after 15 minutes
Overall outside measurements 127 x 45 x 28 mm 
Weight 102 g
Impeller diameter 25 mm 
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Anemometer Kestrel 4000 is a new generation device for weather monitoring. It is a pocket device used for measurement of wind speed, temperature, ...
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