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Devices and systems for the climate parameter monitoring and industrial processes control

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The LAB-EL company started in the year 1989 offers electronic control measurement equipment used for measurement, registry, signaling (the exceed of the limitations), control and regulation of the physical quantities such as:

  • humidity,
  • temperature,
  • air pressure,
  • meteorological measurements (i.e. wind speed and direction),
  • industrial processes physical quantities,
  • other according to client specifications.

Our offer includes devices of various configurations, starting with miniature loggers, portable and stationary hytherographs and thermometers, through complex systems of climate supervision in rooms, industrial regulator - controllers, ending with meteorological stations of any configurations (including radio or internet measurement transmission).

Key futures that distinguish the offered measurement systems:
  • measurement accuracy, device reliability and simple in use,
  • distant measurement, digital transmission, central reading, measurement result registry,
  • easy way in which the measurement results can be transferred to a standard PC,
  • possibility of system measurement cooperation with a computer network, intranet or internet,
  • signaling the exceed of the limitations,
  • type certificate from the the Central Office of Measures for hytherographs,
  • individual calibration certificates form the laboratories :
  • PZH certificate which permits thermometers to be used in the food industry,
  • possibility of periodical meter calibration in accredited laboratories,
  • system modularity allows on further developed later on,
  • 24 months warranty free service,
  • full application service, calibration and service.
LAB-EL measurement-registry systems are operated in (see the reference list):

The systems of climate supervision can be used in particular in all companies that wish to apply the ISO standards: series ISO-9000:2000 and/or HACCP. The devices meet all the adequate requirements and calibration certificates provided along with them confirm their meteorological quality.

A full offer of the LAB-EL company along with the basic device technical data is available on the Internet site:
  http://www.label.com.pl. Example system solutions for climate supervision are introduced in the attached description. Choosing the correct solution can be helped by the adequate statement.

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