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  • low price
  • battery powered
  • simple in use
  • nice appearance


For usage where a reasonable price is a decisive parameter we offer home meteorological station WS-3600. In the devices introduced the temperature measurement error usually does not exceed 1°C and humidity measurement error 5%. Such indicators do not have checking certificates.

Device functions:

  • radio clock DCF,
  • touch sensitive display with 32 signs,
  • relative and absolute air pressure indicator,
  • perceptible temperature and dew point indicator,
  • wind direction and force indicator,
  • storm warning,
  • minimum and maximum value memory,
  • built in memory for 1000 values,
  • history transfer of the environment value changes to a computer using attached software,
  • graphical value introduction using software,
  • 5 separate rainfall memory,
  • minimum, maximum and alarm values for rainfall,
  • radio broadcast frequency from an outside sensor: with 433 MHz.

Technical data:

  • internal scope of temperature measurement: -9,9...+59,9 °C, external: -40...+59,9 °C,
  • temperature measurement resolution: 0.1 °C,
  • scope of humidity measurement: 1-99 %,
  • humidity measurement resolution: 1%,
  • atmospheric pressure scope of measurement: 300-1099 hPa,
  • atmospheric pressure measurement resolution: 0.1 hPa,
  • rainfall scope of measurement: 0...999,9 mm (for 1 hour, for 24 hours), 0...2500 (for a week, for a month), 0...9999 (maximum meter capacity),
  • rainfall measurement resolution: 0.5 mm,
  • maximum transmission range: 100 m (in free space),
  • wind speed scope of measurement: 0...180 km/hr (1...50 m/sec.), without a guarantee of surviving,
  • wind speed measurement resolution: 0.1 m/sec.,
  • wind direction measurement resolution: 22.5 °,
  • measurement reading period from the outside sensors: every 32 seconds (wind), every 128 seconds (temperature, humidity),
  • measurement reading period form the inside sensors: every 20 seconds,
  • power supply: panel: 3 batteries AA LR6 1.5V, outside sensors: 2 batteries type C 1.5 V,
  • guarantee 1 year.

Overall dimensions:

  • Reading panel: 225 x 155 x of 35 mm,
  • Outside hytherograph: 136 x 73 x 71.5 mm
  • Rainfall sensor: 140 x 137 x of 70 mm
  • Wind sensor: 291 x 197 x of 60 mm

The elements composing a set:

  • outside wind speed and direction sensor,
  • outside temperature and humidity sensor,
  • outside rainfall sensor,
  • station’s reading panel with an internal temperature and humidity sensor,
  • panel’s power pack,
  • connection cables (including a cable for connecting a station panel to a PC computer),
  • visualisation software for a PC computer (for Windows 98 system and newer ones) ,
  • user’s manual.

A meteorological station is equipped with a differential barometer which allows on weather programming basing on the knowledge of changes in direction and speed of barometric pressure what can have huge practical meaning to persons practising sports or tourism. Depending on a device version, a value received basing on the pressure differences is displayed numerically in hPa/h (hectopascals per hour) or in a form of an arrow showing direction of the pressure changes. For example: value -2.5 hPa/h informs about drastic weather worsening where +0,3 hPa/h allows on expecting gradual improvement of weather conditions. The weather prognosis is presented basing on it using the following symbols: sun, cloud cover, rain. The prognosis is valid for the following 12...24 hours for an area 30...50 km in diameter.

The differential  barometer is a dynamic weather forecast. Prognosis verification (based only on observation of pressure changes) is approximately 70...75% 

Additional information, software and instructions (in English) can be obtained on a producer’s home page: http://www.heavyweather.info.