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  • low price
  • battery powered
  • simple in use
  • attractive appearance

ATTENTION: Product not sold any more, replaced by WS-3600 !


For applications where a reasonable price is the most important factor we offer a simple meteorological station WS-2300. In the devices introduced the temperature measurement error does not exceed 1 °C and the humidity error 5%. These indicators do not have checking certificates. 


  • weather forecast for the next 12 - 24 hours,
  • three graphic symbols that characterize the weather,
  • relative/absolute atmospheric pressure measurement in hPa and in mmHg with a calibration function: sea level, height above sea level,
  • display of the atmospheric pressure trend changes,
  • alarm function warning against storm and frost,
  • possibility of setting an individual bio alarm,
  • clock synchronized with a radio signal DCF-77,
  • manual clock setting function,
  • possibility of choosing a second time zone (+/- 12 hours),
  • calendar,
  • alarm clock,
  • internal and external temperature displayed in degrees Celsius (°C) or in Fahrenheit (°F),
  • dew point temperature calculation,
  • man perceptible temperature calculation,
  • internal/external air relative humidity measurement (RH%)
  • wind speed and direction measurement in km/h, m/sec knots and in degrees in the Beaufort scale,
  • wind direction introduced graphically using a wind rose,
  • rainfall measurement in liters to the square meters and millimeters,
  • total rainfall display for the last 24 hours and for the last hour,
  • showing maximum and minimum temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure measurement values along with an hour and a date of registry,
  • possibility of setting alarms: high and low internal/external temperature, high and low internal/external humidity, high and low internal/external pressure, high and low internal/external rainfall in a set period of time and wind speed,
  • sign of battery depleting,
  • possibility of hanging on a wall or setting on a flat surface,
  • maximum reading transmission range from the external sensors – up to 25 meters.

Scope of measurements:

  • inside temperature: from - 9.9 °C to + 59.9 °C,
  • outside temperature: from - 29.9 °C to + 69.9 °C,
  • humidity: from the 20% to the 95%,
  • atmospheric pressure: 300 hPa - 1099 hPa,
  • wind forces: from 0.0 to 180.0 km/h,
  • amount of rainfall: from 0.0 to 2499.0 mm.

Power supply:

  • station reading panel: 3 batteries: AA, IEC LR6, 1.5V or 230V/50Hz AC feeder,
  • outside sensors: 2 batteries: AA, IEC LR3, 1.5V or a station panel cable.

Elements creating a set:

  • outside sensor of wind speed and direction,
  • outside sensor of temperature and humidity,
  • outside sensor of rainfall,
  • station reading panel with an internal temperature and humidity sensor,
  • panel AC adapter,
  • connection cables (including the cable for attaching a station panel to a PC computer),
  • service manual.

The wind and rainfall sensors are attached using cables to an outside hytherograph from which using a cable or a radio connection 433 MHz the measurements are transmitted to an internal reading panel and further on to a PC computer.

The meteorological stations are each equipped with a differential barometer which allows on preparing weather forecasts basing on the knowledge of barometric pressure change speed what can have a big practical meaning (in i.e. sports, tourism). Depending on the type of device a value received based on the pressure differences is displayed numerically in hPa/h (hectopascals per hour) or in a form of an arrow showing the direction of pressure changes. For example: value -2.5 hPa/h informing about abrupt worsening of the weather where +0,3 hPa/h allows on expected gradual improvement in weather conditions. Weather forecast is based on it using such symbols as: sun, clouds, rain. The forecast is good for the next 12...24 hours for the area in range of about 30...50 km.

A differential barometer is a dynamic weather forecast. Verification of this weather (based only on the observation of pressure changes) amounts to approximately 70...75%.

Additional information, software, user manuals (in English) can be found on the producer’s internet page: http://www.heavyweather.info.