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  • low price
  • battery powered
  • simple in use
  • nice appearance

For applications, where a reasonable price is the most important factor we offer a simple hytherograph in which a measurement error for temperature usually does not exceed +/-1C and for humidity +/-5%.

Those devices do not have checking certificates from the meteorological laboratories. Upon an additional request there is a possibility of a hytherograph's calibration in the LAB-EL Accredited Laboratory.

Hytherograph LB-102


  • designed for air relative temperature and humidity measurement in the rooms
  • outside sensor on a cable designed for temperature measurement outside the rooms
  • built-in clock with an alarm function
  • big, easy to read display (digit height 25 mm), displaying simultaneously temperature, relative humidity, and time (hours, minutes) 
  • unit selection: Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F) degrees
  • minimum and maximum memory function for the temperature and relative humidity measurements,
  • scope of measurement:
    • internal relative humidity: 20...99 % RH
    • inside temperature: -5...+50 C
    • outside temperature: -50...+70 C
  • measurement resolution: 0,1 C, 1 % RH
  • accuracy:
    • typical:  +/- 1 C, +/- 5 % RH (in the scope -20...+50 C)
    • maximum:  +/- 2 C, +/- 10 % RH
  • possibility of hanging on a wall or setting on a flat surface
  • outside sensor (diameter x length) 4 x 20 mm, on a cable 3 m in length
  • overall dimensions (height x width): 110 x 103 mm
  • display work conditions: -5...+50 C, 10...99% RH (without water outdropping)  
Power supply:
  • 1 battery: AAA, IEC LR3, 1.5V
See also
See also
Simple (T) Simple (T)
Estetyczne, bateryjne, niewielkie mierniki temperatury. Czytelny wyświetlacz LCD. Niska cena rekompensuje niezbyt dużą dokładność pomiaru.
Termometr LB-105 Termometr LB-105
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Ocena produktu
Electronic simple thermometer-hygrometer; low price; battery powered; simple in use; measurements: temperature, humidity.
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