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Wiatromierz LB-746, anemometr, kierunek i prędkość
Meter LB-746 is designed for speed and direction measurement of wind level component;
Elektroniczny wiatromierz czaszowy LB-747, inne wiatromierze
Meter LB-747 is designed for measurement of wind speed and direction horizontal component. The meter is made basing on the mechanical WSD1 elements
Kestrel 2000
Anemometer Kestrel 2000
Electronic anemometer Kestrel 2000; measurements: speed of air flow; waterproof; battery powered; portable,
Kestrel 3000
Anemometer Kestrel 3000
Anemometer Kestrel 3000 is a pocket electronic device for measurement of wind speed, temperature, perceptible temperature, dew point temperature, relative humidity, and heat stress index.
Kestrel 3500
Anemometr Kestrel 3500, anemometry i wiatromierze
Anemometr Kestrel 3500 is a new generation device for weather monitoring. This pocket device is used for measurement of wind speed, temperature ...
Anemometry, wiatromierze Kestrel - przegląd oferty anemometrów
Kestrel Anemometers- turbine air flow meters; LonWorks; fast wind speed measurement,