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Microclimate monitoring

LAB-EL monitoring of temperature and humidity in warehouses, cold stores, pharmaceutical and food production, storages, construction, server rooms, museums, archives, office buildings, laboratories are solutions in which the microclimate is controlled even in several hundred areas or devices. The LAB-EL microclimate monitoring system includes thermometers and hygrometers that measure the temperature and humidity of air and other meters, eg for measuring atmospheric or differential pressure, atmospheric and lighting pollution, detecting movement, opening doors or flooding with water in rooms.

Measurement data is sent to the LB-LB LB-EL server from any location, and authorized persons have access to them via LBX Client positions or via a web browser. The LAB-EL platform allows you to display data, charts, alarms, generate reports from any period of time, and configure audible, optical, SMS, e-mail and other alarms.

The LB-L server LAB-EL manages the operation of the entire system. It makes decisions on sending SMS and e-mail notifications, gathers measurement data to which the user has access from anywhere in the world. Measurement data can come from thermometers and hygrometers located in different cities, and the administrator can freely manage them, group them according to their needs or grant access to individual sensors to selected users.

We offer not only thermometers and hygrometers with calibration certificates from the Accredited Calibration Laboratory, but also competent consultancy, installation project supported by room mapping carried out by the Accredited Testing Laboratory, risk assessment, installation of equipment at the customer, system launch, user training and validation documentation , qualifying and as-built, necessary to meet the requirements of HACAP, GAMP 5, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP and GDP.

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Temperature monitoring in pharmaceutical refrigerators
Exemplary systems for temperature monitoring in pharmaceutical refrigerators, necessary to meet the requirements of Good Distribution Practice - GDP.