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Przenośne stacje meteo

Anemometry, wiatromierze Kestrel - przegląd oferty anemometrów
Kestrel Anemometers- turbine air flow meters; LonWorks; fast wind speed measurement,
Anemometer Kestrel 2000
Electronic anemometer Kestrel 2000; measurements: speed of air flow; waterproof; battery powered; portable,
Anemometer Kestrel 3000
Anemometer Kestrel 3000 is a pocket electronic device for measurement of wind speed, temperature, perceptible temperature, dew point temperature, relative humidity, and heat stress index.
Anemometer Kestrel 3500
Anemometr Kestrel 3500 is a new generation device for weather monitoring. This pocket device is used for measurement of wind speed, temperature ...
Przenośna stacja meteorologiczna, stacja pogodowa z rejestratorem
Portable meteorological station LB-755 is used for visualization and registry of the measurement results obtained from the cooperating measurement devices: a thermohygrobarometer LB-715 or a barometer LB-716 or a hytherograph LB-710 and a wind speed and direction transmitter LB-746. The device LB-755 is equipped with an alphanumeric 32 sign LCD display and a non-volatile memory used for measurement data registry.
Recorder with a printer LB-755A
Panel LB-755 is a recorder of the measurement data sent by the attached two LAB-EL measuring devices type LB-XXX, equipped with an interface S300.