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Humidity regulators

Regulator uniwersalny PID LB-474A3 - pomiar temperatury, wilgotności
Precyzyjny termometr 2-kanałowy Pt-1000, psychrometr wilgotność, higrostat, we-wy 0-10V, 4-20mA, 4 kanały regulacji PID on-off, 7 przekaźników.
Dynamic air dryers` controller LB-720
Servo for dynamic air dryers (DOP) LB-720; The whole set is used for relative humidity regulation in closed rooms in cooperation with a dynamic air drier (DOP) - which realizes the blow-in of dried air.
Regulator wilgotności i temperatury z sondą: LB-725
The hytherograph LB-701 with a control - reading panel LB-725 is designed for air temperature and humidity measurement and regulation in locked
Controlling a wood drying room - regulator LB-474
A system of controlling a wood drying room is supposed to maintain certain humidity and temperature parameters set by a user for the process of wood drying, what optymalized the process of drying. For his purpose a controller cooperates with the throttling valve servos of hot air inlet and the chimneys outlet.