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Wojsko - przykłady aplikacyjne

Dynamic air dryers` controller LB-720
Servo for dynamic air dryers (DOP) LB-720; The whole set is used for relative humidity regulation in closed rooms in cooperation with a dynamic air drier (DOP) - which realizes the blow-in of dried air.
Climate monitoring system with concentrators
Monitoring systems based on a concentrators; measurements: humidity, temperature, pressure; monitoring, registry, measurement network, Ethernet, HACCP, alarming.
Przykładowe systemy do monitoringu warunków środowiskowych
Climate monitoring (supervision) systems; one point climate monitoring – stationary; one point climate monitoring -portable and transportable in cars; climate monitoring - with measurement and alarm transmission through SMS messaging and GPRS; climate monitoring in many locations simultaneously - big systems; climate monitoring in many locations simultaneously - small systems; air pressure measurement; relative humidity and air temperature measurement methods; electronic devices and systems for climate supervision,