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Laboratory Electronics


The course is lead by:

  • Automatics and Robotics Institute
    Technical University in Warsaw 8, Chodkiewicza Str.
    02-525 Warsaw

Aim of the course

Getting to know the properties and the conditions of using the microprocessor regulators along with the possibilities of using them in the Automatic Regulation and Measurement systems.


The course is designed for engineers and workers dealing with automatics and measurement  (after technical schools). Generally it is for persons that should get to know the operation, programming and usage of the designed microprocessor regulators.


  • construction, work and properties of the automatic system and the regulator's role in it,
  • basic technical data of the microprocessor regulators: LB-600, LB-625,
  • operational regulator maintenance in the modes "WORK" and "PROGRAMMING",
  • the algorithm data in the microprocessor regulators,
  • basic algorithms: arithmetical operations, converter linearity characteristics, regulation algorithm,
  • additional functions: interference filters, selectors and gates, integrator, set value time programmers, alarm signaling,
  • regulator functional structure, rules of choosing algorithms, ways of addressing,
  • realization of the basic AR and P systems structures using the microprocessor regulators, examples of industry application,
  • regulation systems using the regulator with an output: analogue  2P, 3P, 3P with a internal na external coupling,
  • self-regualating procedures in the microprocessor regulators,
  • regulator working in the digital systems.


The courses take place during the time settled earlier with the participants. The condition for the course to start is at least six participants. The course lasts 3 days and covers 26 hours of classes: 15 hours of seminars, 8 hours of laboratory, 2 hours of homework (writing a program). The participants receive additional materials (booklets, instructions etc.). The course is ended by a 1 hour check test. The classes take place in the Automatics and Robotics Institute PW, Warsaw, 8, Chodkiewicza Str. The participation costs for 1 person: 1200 zł. Additional information and participation applications:  tel. 660 85 48, 660 84 70, fax 660 82 84.