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Microclimate measurements in the rooms:
  • residential
  • office
  • industrial
  • storage
  • climate chambers etc.

Laboratorium akredytowane wilgotności i temperatury

Research Laboratory accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation - the accreditation certificate no. AB 679

From April 2001 in the LAB-EL company's seat operates the Humidity, Temperature and Pressure Laboratory, which starting from January, 18 2006 is a laboratory accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation ( accreditation certificate no. AB 679) in the scope of performing the microclimate measurements of rooms type:

  • residential and office spaces,
  • industrial (production),
  • clean rooms with overpressure or negative pressure,
  • industrial product magazines,
  • laboratories,
  • workshopes,
  • archives, museums,
  • means of transport,
in the scope of measurement of the following parameters and their internal microclimate:
  • air temperature,
  • air relative humidity,
  • overpressure, negative pressure or pressures difference.

The Laboratory’s task is to perform the mentioned above testing services ordered from the outside (an outside client), performed in a place chosen by a customer, or ordered by the mother company (an internal client).

The Testing Laboratory LAB-EL confirms the microclimate properties of the examined rooms according to the requirements of the Standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The Laboratory’s purpose is performing high quality services through:

  • applying procedures assuring objective, credible and reliable actions in the scope of research works,
  • high quality measurement equipment allowing on performing the measurements with very high accuracy,
  • preparing calibration certificates containing all information needed by a client,
  • highly qualified and competent staff,
  • prompt order processing.

The Humidity, Temperature and Pressure Laboratory of LAB-EL company performs the microclimate measurements of rooms outside the Laboratory’s seat as well as in it in the scopes provided below ( scope of accreditation AB 679 - link to PCA page):


Extended purpose description is introduced in a separate document which focuses on the Laboratory's purpose, scope, procedures and the quality policy of the Laboratory. 

Laboratory’s offer of services are included in the price list