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A control system of cultivation watering with a regulator-controller LB-600

  • functions: measurement, registry, regulation, control
  • measurement: soil moisture, temperature, humidity and other air parameters
  • competitive price
  • checked at work in the meteorological and plant cultivation stations


Watering control system is used for keeping a set moisture level in soil at the cultivation fields of vegetables or other cultivations. The controller can switch on the watering devices (pumps, watering section values of the sprinkler heads etc.) adequately to a day time and a measured moisture level in soil, and additionally in function i.e. air temperature and humidity, precipitation and other meteorological parameters. The control device is designed for assembly in the protected rooms or in the open filed using the protective cases. 


The system works autonomously based on a regulator LB-600. The regulator has a possibility of communication with a computer. The computer software (LBX program) allows on remote change in the control parameter settings as well as the measurement registry. The controller has a package structure, which allows on choosing a set of inputs and outputs for the necessity of a planned watering system. The possibilities of program configuration are very wide and allow on creating many functions adjusting to individual needs of a certain control option. The regulator’s detailed parameters can be found on the web page concerning LB-600.

Picture 1 The devices cooperating with the regulator LB-600:
A, – the watering devices (sprinklers), B - the electromagnetic valves cutting the water supply, C - a pump powering the watering devices, D - a water tank, E - the soil moisture sensors, F -  a mast with the devices for climate measurement (wind, rainfall, insolation, temperature, humidity and pressure), G – a protective case for a regulator and an electric switchgear.

The following executive elements can be attached in example to the regulators LB-600: 

  • A valve opening water for the watering devices controlled open / close or proportionally.
  • A valve regulating liquid fertilizer inflow to water in an open / close way or proportionally.
  • The water pumps for the watering devices controlled in an open / close way or proportionally.
  • The signaling devices.
  • Other servos and devices controlled in an open / close way or proportionally.


The output watering regulation signals are the results of the balance calculations of a cultivation’s demand in water, based on a value of a set demand and the actual measured values: soil moisture and temperature, air humidity and temperature, precipitation and other additional values. When generating the control signals, beside the numerical calculations also the time dependencies are taken into consideration, so the watering is performed in an optional time. 

 Because of a configuration’s elasticity it is possible to realize the additional functions through a servo such as i.e. doping of water which supplies the cultivations of the liquid fertilizers.

schemat systemu
Picture 2 A block scheme of a watering control system installation: 
A - the soil moisture measurement sensors, B – an air hytherograph, C - a precipitation meter, D - a wind force and direction meter, E - a controller-regulator LB-600, F - an acoustic signaler, G - a computer cooperating with the LBX program, H - the electro-magnetic valves of water power supply, I- a water pump controlled fluently, J - the water pumps controlled on/off, K - an inverter.

The controller LB-600 is a package device, which allows on choosing the configurations of the inputs and outputs depending on the needs.  The example displayed above of the watering control system was introduced for the following configuration of the inputs and outputs:

- 5 analogue inputs for soil moisture measurement,
- 2 analogue outputs for controlling the inverters powering the pump’s engines,
- 8 inputs of binary signals,
- 6 binary outputs for controlling switching on and off the pumps, the electromagnetic valves and signaling,
- 4 S-300 inputs – for attaching the additional measurement devices i.e.: a hytherograph LB-710R, an anemometer ARG-100, etc.

The set’s construction and control software’s work was evaluated with consulting the experts and producers of the filed cultivations. Because of the modern regulators’ construction there is a possibility of multiple, independent program work entry to the regulators. The regulators LB-600 can work in common installation with the other regulators and recorders.


Valves, pumps

The regulator-controller can cooperate with any electro-magnetic valves and the pumps using adequate transmitter blocks and contractors as well as the valves controlled in a constant way (directly or by using the inverters).

Other devices

The regulator-controller can cooperate with random executive devices controlled on/off using the adequate transmitter blocks and contractors or controlled in a proportional way (directly or by using the inverters) analogue signals. 


Soil moisture measurement
0,05....0,6 m 3/m 3

Air temperature measurement
Air temperature measurement 0..100% for the temperatures up to +60°C
Valves, pumps, servos, and other executive devices controlled on/off
Through selecting for a device transmitters and contractors.    
Valves, pumps, servos, and other executive devices controlled analogously.  Random devices (i.e. controlled inverters 4...20mA/0...10V)
Selected individually to a device. 

Detailed technical data and recommended work conditions can be found on the soil moisture meter’s web site - ThetaProbe ML2x, a hytherograph’s LB-710R and a regulator’s LB-600.


Watering controllers (other climate regulators)

The LAB-EL company provides as a set the measurement and regulation devices: the controller LB-600 and the soil moisture sensors, air temperature (possibly other such as: air humidity, pressure, air force and direction etc.). The electric installation of the devices can be performed by the groups of the local installers with adequate qualifications or recommended by the LAB-EL company cooperating companies.

The LAB-EL company assures warranty service (12 months) and a full after warranty service on the territory of the whole country. The warranty service does not cover the costs of service’s travel to client, unless settled otherwise with a person performing the installation. 

The cost of a control system installation is introduced by the LAB-EL company upon an individual request. The cost of an installation “ready to be used” is introduced by a company recommended by the LAB-EL company upon an individual request. 


The effective work of the devices is undeniably influenced by a user’s understanding of the details concerning the device’s work principles and the methods of selecting the correct regulator. The LAB-EL company organizes the training courses concerning the scope of the offered devices for the users, distributors and system maintenance staff.

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