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FLUKE 62 mini PYROMETER – non-contact temperature measurement

  • small, resistant, pocket size  
  • temperature measurement:
    • immediate
    • non-contact
  • easy to read LCD display
  • battery powered   
Pirometr TES-1321A


New Fluke 62 Mini pyrometer is an ideal introduction to non-contact temperatures measurement. It has highest accuracy in its class. It offers quick and reliable measurement of surface temperature. Fluke 62 Mini allows on professional detection and diagnose of hot or not sufficiently cooled elements as well as on monitoring in a non-contact way the temperature of the engines and the elements of the electric installations. It has 2 line LCD display with simultaneous indication of measured and maximum temperature.


The pyrometer Fluke 62 Mini was designed in such way, so it assures possibly the simplest and easiest use by using only one key button “measurement” – a key button switching on power supply and starting a measurement. The device has memory of minimum and maximum measurement and the key buttons switching on backlight when displaying a measurement result as well as a laser sight indicating a place of surface measurement.


  The pyrometer can be applied in such fields as: 
  • agriculture – the conditions of cultivating and storing the agricultural products, 
  • motorization – control of the cooling systems and air-conditioning, 
  • industry – control of the work conditions, industrial safety, temperature control in the technological processes,
  • air conditioning and heat engineering – operation control of the air-conditioning systems, science and research. 


Scope of measurement
-30...+500 °C
Covered spot 
optics 10 : 1
Measurement accuracy   
  • in the scope -30...10°C: +/- 1,5 °C or +/-1,5 % of a measured value (higher than them),
  • in the scope 10...30°C: +/- 1,0 °C,
  • in the scope 30...500°C: +/- 1,5 °C +/- 0,5 % of a readout value or +/- 1,5 % measured value (higher than them),
+/- 1,0 °C or +/-0,5 % of a measurement value
Measurement resolution
0,2 °C
Response time  
approximately 500 ms (95 % readout)
Typical readout distance
up to 1,5 m
Choosing the measurement units
degrees C, F
0,95 (factory settings)
laser 1 mW
Degree of casing protection 
Scope of work temperatures and humidity  
0...+50 °C, 10...95 % RH
Scope of storage temperatures  
-20...+65 °C (with no battery)
Electromagnetic compatibility  
has a CE marking 
Manufacturer warranty  2 years
9V, type: ANSI/NEDA-1604A, IEC6F22
Battery life  
12 / 20 hours (switched on / sight switched off and backlight on)
Automatic power supply switch off  after 15 seconds
Overall dimensions
 152 x z101 x 38 mm 
 200 g
battery 9V, protective boot, operator’s manual
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Fluke 62 Max
New Fluke 62 Mini pyrometer is an ideal introduction to non-contact temperatures measurement
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