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Laboratory Electronics


The owners and employees of the LAB-EL company aim at meeting high standards of the provided devices and climate parameter supervision systems as well as industrial process control. It is guaranteed by the company's constant development as well as meeting the clients, owners, employees and community needs and expectations.

In order to fulfill the company's mission we will act in the following way:

  • constantly better the quality of our products,
  • get to know the current and future requirements, needs and expectations of our clients in order to meet them in the best possible way and provide customer service of highest standard,
  • share the knowledge with our clients and provide them with advantages,
  • create and use the full involvement of all: the managers and employees in meeting the quality system requirements as well as constantly improve the efficiency of such system including products and process realized by the company,
  • periodically set the quality goals by taking into account the expectations of all the parties,
  • perform periodically a survey of the current and put into practice the quality politics as well as quality goals,
  • protect the work environment that favors constant upgrade training, reciprocal trust and safety,
  • cooperate with our suppliers and partners, better that cooperation,
  • monitor the realized processes as business process and base our decisions on data and facts.
Warsaw, 24.01.2003 r.

Andrzej £obzowski