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LB-516T Temperature Recorder, Compact Thermometer

  • thermometer, recorder (logger, thermograph)
  • temperature
  • temperature monitoring in transportation
  • wide operating temperature range
  • miniature, robust and dust-proof housing
  • USB interface
  • specialized LOGGER application for presenting temperature measurements in the form of:
    • a time chart
    • a temperature histogram
    • the time when alarm values were breached
  • LB-516A version of a minirecorder for air humidity and temperature measurement 

Description of the temperature recorder

The LB-516T is a super-miniature temperature recorder, powered by a long-lasting built-in lithium battery. For the measurements, the recorder uses a built-in semiconductor temperature sensor.

The LB-516T  temperature recorder is equipped with a large memory for storing measurements, which — for example, with the recording interval set to 20 minutes — is sufficient to record entries for more than a one year recording session. It is possible to store in the memory by “overwriting” (when the memory is full, the oldest recordings are deleted). The recording is commenced when the key on the instrument’s housing is pressed.

The recorder also allows temperature threshold values to be set (lower and upper) that when exceeded, during a recording session trigger a signal (when the key is pressed) by lighting a colour LED diode.

The LB-516T is a wireless device and fully automatic (the thermometer does not require interaction with a computer while recording). The recorder is programmed (e.g. setting the interval, method for starting the recording), and, subsequently, the read-out is performed and the stored data are printed out with the use of a PC, after connection to a USB port. The LB-516T temperature recorder does not require any additional interface — it may be connected directly to the USB port of a computer.

For interaction between the LB-516T temperature recorder and a PC, the specialized LOGGER application is used. This application enables the complete service of the USB recorder: preparation and finishing of recording, read-out of measurement data, presentation of the recorded data in the form of a table, chart and histogram, memory clearing, setting alarm thresholds, introduction of any descriptive text into the instrument’s memory.

Each temperature recorder features a permanently saved serial number, allowing unequivocal identification and providing the possibility of inputting the user’s name and mission name (the individual name of a given recording cycle).

Each recorder may feature an individual calibration certificate issued by the LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory.


USB temperature recorder — application

The LB-516T temperature recorder is designed for controlling and documenting the course of technological processes in production facilities — especially in medical and food industries. It may be used to record climate parameters during the transportation of goods subject to temperature change (temperature monitoring during transportation). A thermometer/recorder may be placed in packages with the transported goods. The professional thermometer is especially useful in meeting the requirements for production quality ( HACCP) and transportation control.

Technical specifications of the thermometer

Measurement uncertainty ±0.5°C
(within the range of -10…40°C)
Measurement range -10…+70°C
Measurement resolution 0.1°C
Parameter Reading range Resolution Capacity Interval of measurements
Temperature measurements recording — LB-516T -10…+70°C 0.1°C 30,000 entries  1…255 minutes
Power source 3.0 V / 195 mAh lithium battery
Guaranteed battery operation time 6 years recording every 10 minutes
Dimensions 51 x 36 x 14 mm housing material: ABS; the dimensions do not include the USB port or the hanger
Weight approx. 25 g  
Housing protection class IP 30  

Other versions of the temperature recorder

Temperature and humidity minirecorder: LB-516A

See also
See also
LB-515P LB-515P
Miniaturowy rejestrator z wbudowaną baterią, w nierozbieralnej obudowie ze stali nierdzewnej, odporny na wstrząsy, wilgoć, ciśnienie. Wymaga specjalistycznego czytnika.
LB-516A LB-516A
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Ocena produktu
Miniaturowy rejestrator z wbudowaną baterią, odporny na wstrząsy, wilgoć, ciśnienie, odczyt zarejestrowanych pomiarów poprzez interfejs USB.
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