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  • function: meter of toxic gases concentration in the air
  • measurement: CO2 concentration (carbon dioxide)
  • measurement method: NDIR
  • analogue output 4..20mA or 0..10V
  • 1 transmitter output


REMARKS: Meter IGM-0171 was excluded from offer and replaced by LB-850


Meter IGM-0171 is used for measurement of carbon dioxide CO2 concentration content in the free air.

The meter IGM-0171 is a stationary device, of small size, powered from an outside source. The meter is characterized by modern construction based on the NDIR method ( non-dispersive infrared method). It is relays on measurement of attenuation of infrared radiation of  a defined wave length put through the measured gas, which is suppressed depending on the carbon dioxide content in the examined gas. The NDIR method assures accurate and stable measurement result as well as failure-free work for many years.

Miernik CO2 LB-830The meter has a digital interface RS-485 used during meter’s calibration and for connecting the meter to a  digital measurement system. The meter additionally has 1 transmitter output, of regulated work thresholds, in standard switched on with for concentration 2000 ppm and switched off with concentration 1000 ppm. Optionally, depending on a version, the meter has 1 additional analogue output: 4..20 mA or 0..10V.

Additional equipment of the meter is provided by a power pack LB-830 (12V, 100mA, stabilized) that additionally has the systems protecting the meter’s analogue output.

Scope of example meter use:

  • CO2 concentration measurement in the mushroom-growing halls,
  • control of gas emission in the industry,
  • monitoring for supervision purposes,
  • ventilation system work control in various locations.


Sensor type NDIR
Scope of CO2 volume content measurement 0...10000 ppm  (0...1 %)
Scope of orientation CO2 indication content  10000...20000 ppm (1...2 %)
CO2 measurement accuracy  +/- 5 % actual indication +/- 50 ppm
CO2 measurement resolution 
10 ppm
Standard scope of an analogue output
0...10000 ppm
Meter response time (up to level of 90% ) 40 seconds
Meter warm-up time after power supply switch on
3 minutes
Digital output
RS-485 9600 bodes, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, without an evenness bit
Analogue output (optional) 4..20 mA / max. 500 ohm Meter version: IGM-0171-01
0...10 V / min. 1000 ohm Meter version: IGM-0171-02
Transmitter output (alarm)
60 V / 1 A Rwy(ON) <= 0,3 ohm, Rwy(OFF) >= 3 Mohm
Transmitter output hysteresis
ON:   2000 ppm, 
OFF: 1000 ppm
levels programmed by through an interface   RS-485
Scope of environment relative humidity 0...95 % without steam condensation
Scope of work temperatures    5...50 °C influence on measurement: +/- 0,25% actual indication to 1 °C
Scope of storage temperatures 0...50 °C
Measured air pressure
84...106 kPa influence on measurement: +/- 0,8 % actual indication to 1 kPa
Acceptable carbon dioxide content volume in the measured air
0...2 %  
Acceptable oxygen content volume in the measured air
0...21 %  
Acceptable nitrogen content volume in the measured air
left (refill up to 100%)   
maximum 2 mg/m 3  
Average time of meter exploitation
8 years
Recommended scope of calibration
1 year  
Scope of voltages / meter energy consumption  IGM-0171 12 +/- 3 V / DC 30 mA
Voltage / power of a power pack supply  LB-830 230 +/- 15 V / 50 Hz 2 VA
Output voltage / maximum power pack current charge   LB-830 12 +/- 0,1 V 100 mA 
Meter overall dimensions IGM-0171 91 x 105 x 60 mm
Meter mass IGM-0171 approximately 0,3 kg
Overall power pack dimensions LB-830 91 x 55 x 66 mm
Power pack mass LB-830 approximately 0,2 kg
Ocena produktu
Concentration meter CO2 IGM-0171; output 4/20mA, 0/10V; transmitter output; method NDIR,
Ocena: 5/5, liczba głosów: 14
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