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Galvanic separators series LB-300

  • increase range of  RS232C


The galvanic separators series LB-300 LAB-EL provide direct current insulation between the information devices equipped with traditional voltage interface RS232C. The  separators transmit bi-directional information between the TxD  and RxD terminals through four wire lines. The separators are installed 2 pieces for each RS232C link � one form the computer's side (server) and one from the terminal's side.

The separators do not require an outside power supply. The separators are powered from the synchronization signals outputs, or when that is not possible, they are powered from the data outputs. When powered from the synchronization outputs it is required  that those outputs have constant "high" logical level, which is matched by the voltage range +8...+12 V.

The separators are produced in few versions depending on the type of collaborating devices. The differences in construction in each one of the separator versions evaluate from different exploitation terminals signal outputs interface RS232C in terminals and computers from various producers. Because of the existing differences we would advise you to attach an order with a specific description of the output interface RS232C joints in devices as well as the type of joints ("female - "F" or "male" - "M").

It is possible is extend the offered types of separators according to suggestions of the ordering person.

Isolation voltage 400V
Transmission range 500 meters
Transmission speed up to 38400 bps
Transmission line two twisted pairs (for e.g. YTKSYekp-2x2x0,5)
DC line resistance not more then 200 ohm for a single wire
Overall dimensions less than 65x55x18 mm.