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The converter LB-371 allows on attaching one of any measurement devices produced by the LAB-EL company (equipped with an interface S300) with a COM output (interface RS-232) of a PC computer. The converter L371 assures constant current galvanic isolation between the attached LAB-EL device and a PC computer. That eliminates the induction interference influences coming from the connection cables that could disadvantageously influence the work of the PC computer. The converter LB-371 is equipped with an outside stabilized feeder (made in a form of a plug for a network socket 220V)  from which the attached device is powered.

After connecting any LAB-EL measurement device through the converter LB-371 it is possible to run an adequate program on the PC computer, which allows on showing and registering on the computer's HDD the actual measurement results. The programs for the PCs are our devices' standard equipment and their actual version is always accessible on our internet home page http://www.label.com.pl/po/pc_free.html.

The converter LB-371 is made in a form of a transistor with the CANNON DB25 connections on both sides: form the computer's side - type DB25F (socket), from the device's side - type DB25M
(plug). When connecting to a PC computer where the interface input COM (RS-232) is made in a form of a CANNON DB9M connection between the converter and the computer one should put the adequate transistor LB-373 changing the standard from DB9 to DB25.


Isolation voltage  400V
Transmission range  500 meters 
Speed of transmission  300 bps
Transmission line for the device  two cable (i.e. cable YTKSYekp-1x2x0,5)
Loss resistance of the line connecting with a device  not more than 100 ohm (summary resistance of both line cables)
Overall dimensions  65x55x18 mm + feeder 50x75x80 mm, connected by a 1 m cable
Power supply  220 V / 50 Hz / 2 VA

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