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  • functions: logger, interface for the LAB-EL meters
  • 4 digital current loop outputs
  • 1 rain gauge input
  • conversion RS-485/RS-232

Konwerter LB-486


Converter is used for attaching few measurement devices to a standard PC computer. It is a low cost solution where a standard PC computer can be used to create a local climate monitoring station (i.e. in a laboratory) or an internet meteorological station.

When using an additional module 7188E1 there is a possibility of connecting the converter LB-486 through Ethernet network to a supervisory computer working in a network. 

In a basic version of the converter LB-486 it is possible to connect simultaneously to one of the RS-232 ports (COM) in a PC computer:

It is possible to connect simultaneously up to 30 converters LB-486 with one another using the interface RS-485  (one twisted pair). It allows on creating big, scattered measurement systems of data collection. A device, which reads data from such a system has to be equipped with the port RS-485. In case of using a PC computer a converter LB-485 can be used to change the standard of the computer interface from RS-232 to RS-485.

The converter LB-486 fulfills the following functions:

  • buffers the measurement results received from all of the attached devices working in CPP standard,
  • calculates and stores (also when the power supply is switched off) the impulses from a rain gauge,
  • powers the attached devices (i.e.: LB-710, LB-715),
  • realizes two-way transmission using a port RS-232 or RS-485,
  • secures a PC computer port from any damages and impulse interference resulting from the sensors’ installation,
  • realizes isolation for constant current (using optoisolators) between:
  • port RS-232,
  • device inputs working in CPP standard and a rain gauge,
  • port RS-485.

The converter has the following interfaces:

  • port RS-232 (signals TxD and RxD) for a PC computer,
  • four inputs for devices in CPP standard,
  • rain gauge input,
  • port RS-485 for the additional devices or for a PC
  • computer,
  • 230V/50Hz network power supply joint.

The converter is equipped with a memory and a real time clock, what allows on buffering in the converter (in the actual version) a set of measurement results from all of the devices (records) and collecting them at a time convenient to a user. The number of the results that can possibly be stored in the device's memory, depends on a number and type of the attached devices and i.e. for 4 hytherographs LB-710 (or hytherographs LB-701 with a panel LB-705), without a rain gauge, amounts to 472 records.

The converter does not have a built-in display and the measurement results are available only through the port RS-232 (or RS-485). The actual work status of the converter (i.e. attaching the devices to CPP inputs) is signaled using the LED diodes.

Standard equipment of LB-486 includes software for a PC computer working in the systems: DOS and Widows 95/98/NT that allow on reading current and registered measurement results as well as setting a clock and a converter registry interval (in the scope 1...65000 seconds). The persons that would like to individually prepare a program communicating with the converter LB-486, can use the attached communication protocol.

A program "Meteorology station panel" working with the system Windows 95/98, serves as an additional equipment of the converter LB-486. The program allows on graphic visualization of the current measurement results on a computer screen and its registry to HDD. The program is prepared for a certain set of the measurement devices attached to the converter according to the detailed user specifications (upon request).


Number of inputs type S300 for LAB-EL sensors:
Rain gauge input:
Communication interfaces:
RS-232, RS-485
Measurement result memory:
472 records (from 4 hytherographs -710)
Registry step:
1 second ... 18 hours (second with each step)
Power supply:
230 V  / 6 VA / 50 Hz 
Overall dimensions (width, depth, height):    
180 x 160 x 90 mm
Ocena produktu
Converter LB-486; recorder, sensor concentrator, converterRS-232 - RS485,
Ocena: 5/5, liczba głosów: 14
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