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  • functions: 4 channel thermometer
  • interfaces:
    • output:
      • ethernet
    • input:


Basic function of LB488 is four channel thermometer connected to an Ethernet network. Additionally LB488 can be attached with any meter with an output S300 , in such case LB488 assures access to data from the input S300 through the Ethernet. The Ethernet interface is a basic way of connecting LB488. In connection with serving the protocols SNMP and MODBUS it provides a possibility of a very simple usage i.e. in the existing systems of network management or SCADA. 

Beside the Ethernet a double conventional connection series port RS232 is also available, which assures the same communication possibilities as the Ethernet port. In case of connection through the Ethernet, both series ports available can be used for connecting other devices for which LB488 can become a converter for Ethernet network. Full use of LB488 possibilities is assured by the attachment of:

  • 4 temperature sensors ,
  • 1 device with an output S300,
  • 2 devices with a port RS232.

  For direct temperature measurement the outside sensors are assigned, built based on the precise thermo resistors in various construction execution:

  • single sensor, protruding out from a pin attached to a socket on LB488 casing, assuring temperature measurement in one point, in a place of LB488 assembly,
  • from one to four separate sensors type TL-4 on the cables (standard one meter length), ended with a common pin attached to a socket on LB488 casing.

The input S300 can be attached with any measurement device equipped with output S300 (i.e. hytherograph LB-710, thermometers LB-710T, LB-711, barometer LB-715, LB-716, LB-716D/P, wind meter LB-746, LB-747, radiation meter LB-900, CO 2 concentration meter LB-850 or other LAB-EL measurement device with the output S300). In such case the measurement scope is in accordance with a specification of the attached device. LB488 task is readout of the measurement results from the input S300 and making that data available through the Ethernet connection.

The inputs RS232 can be attached with any devices with a series port RS232. The basic task LB488 is data transfer between the series ports and the Ethernet network. Such application has certain restrictions – symbols format in a series transmission mode, bode transmission speed, lack of handshake line. Typically it is possible to attach the devices that realize communication in a question-reply format, with relatively small number of questions and answers – i.e. the devices produced by LAB-EL company attached using the interface RS232.


Typical applications are one of multi port temperature measurement in the places, where in standard a network type Ethernet is applied. An example:

  • temperature measurement in the computer server rooms,
  • measurement of temperature distribution in the server cubicles rack 19’’,
  • temperature control in the rooms where a structural Ethernet wiring is a standard,
  • measurement of all temperatures in a wide scope -50 st.C .. +150 st.C where a simple integration with the existing Ethernet network is necessary,
  • interface converter S300-Ethernet,
  • interface converter RS232–Ethernet.


An Ethernet interface which is equipped with a LB488, assures correct work in a mode 10MBit/s and 100MBit/s. LB488 can auto-negotiate the adequate connection parameters, as well as it provides a possibility of setting manually the adequate parameters. 


Optionally a version of LB488 is available in a POE version - with an internal module Power Over Ethernet, which assures device power  supply through an Ethernet cable. In such case, a separate network feeder is not required, what allows on major simplification of installation - for connecting LB488 only one cable is required, which assures both data transmission as well as power supply. At the other end of the Ethernet cable an adequate device in a POE standard is required- a switch with a POE power supply or a feeder type midspan.

The protocols served

Network configuration  

Defining an IP address, a sub network mask and a gate address:

  • static, set by a user,
  • BOOTP,
  • DHCP.

Data readout  

Data readout from LB488 is possible in few ways. The following mechanisms are available
  • SNMP - access to the measurement results through variables MIB,
  • MODBUS - access to the measurement results through variables MODBUS over TCP and MODBUS through a series port RS232,
  • WWW - monitoring of data readout in a window of a www web browser (LB488 identification data, measurements from 4 temperature sensors and measurements from a device attached to an interface S300-hytherograph LB-710),
  • private format of the UDP messages.


Temperature measurement Number and type of the temperature sensors 1..4, thermo resistor GE-TK95
Maximum scope of measurement -50...+150°C
Measurement uncertainty in the scope -15...+70°C +/- 0,2°C,
+/- 1 last digit
Measurement uncertainty in the scope -35...+100°C +/- 0,5°C,
+/- 1 last digit
Measurement uncertainty in the scope -50...+150°C +/- 2°C,
+/- 1 last digit
Measurement resolution 0,1°C
Interfaces ethernet
10/100 MBit/s, full-duplex / half-duplex, flow-control,
POE (optionally upon request)
S300 1 input
2 inputs, format: 8 data bits, even bit: lack, even, uneven, 1 stop bit,
speed: 9600, 19220, 38400, 57600
lines: GND, RXD, TXD
lack of handshake line: RTS/CTS, DSR/DTR
Power supply outside feeder
9..24V DC,
energy consumption (12V DC): 10MBit/s: 50mA, 100MBit/s: 100mA
POE (Power Over Ethernet)
(optionally upon request)
class 1 (max 3,84 W)
power supply either by the data lines 1-2/3-6 or through not used 4-5/7-8
Overall dimensions Metal casing 95 x 70 x 30 mm