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  • functions: thermometer, hygrograph (hygrometer), recorder (thermograph and hygrograph)
  • LB-520T - version only for temperature measurement and registry
  • measurement: temperature, air relative humidity
  • temperature monitoring in transport
  • small, very resistant device
  • wide scope of work temperatures
  • class of casing resistance IP30
  • powered by long life batteries
  • wireless connection with a computer
  • hytherograph emulation LB-710
  • optionally the measurement results introduced as:
    • time function graph
    • temperature function histogram
    • time of exceeding the alarm values


Hytherograph LB-520 is a miniature temperature and relative humidity recorder (it is a hygrograph and a thermograph at the same time). It is powered from a built-in long lasting lithium battery. The device uses: for temperature measurement a thermoresistor Pt-1000 and for humidity measurement a capacitive sensor. Basing on the knowledge of nonlinear sensor characteristics and digital calibration data stored during the process of calibration in a device's memory - the microprocessor (built-in the device) calculates the actual relative humidity and temperature measurement results. The measurement results are presented alternately on a big easy to read LED screen.

HistogramThe recorder is equipped with a big memory for storing the measurement results, which i.e. when set for registry with intervals every 25 min is sufficient for over a year of entries in one registry session. It is possible to store in the memory using 2 modes: "to be filled" (after the memory is full the registry process is stopped) and "with over storage" (after the memory is full the oldest entries are deleted). Except from measurement data collection in the set registry periods, the recorder LB-520 can create a histogram, which encloses information concerning the registry statistics of the measurement values in the set periods of time. In standard the scope of temperature measurement was divided into 63 intervals where each stands for 2°C. The scope of humidity measurement was divided into 50 intervals where each stands for 2%. There are also other histogram scopes available. The information from the histogram allows on quick analysis of the measurement results that are performed during the registry process (there is no need to go over the whole content of the device's memory). The recorder also allows on setting the threshold humidity and temperature values where exceeding those values during the registry session is signaled on the screen. The automatic registry of time intervals in which those thresholds were exceeded is also possible.

LB-520 is a wireless device, it is also fully autonomous (it does not require a computer during the registry process). Programming the recorder (i.e. setting the registry breaks, ways of starting the registry) and its reading as well as the presentation and printing of the entries is done by using a computer with an attached to its COM port a reading apparatus LB-521. Data transmission between the recorder LB-520 and the reading apparatus LB-521 attached to a computer is done using a wireless connection (IR connection).

LB-521The recorder LB-520 is a continuation of the hytherographs LB-710 produced by the LAB-EL company for many years. The recorder is calibrated in the same way as the LB-710 devices (the calibration of the device is performed by sending calibration data obtained in the model climate conditions through a digital interface to the non-volatile memory of the device). Each device is calibrated separately, what allows on calibration of the recorder at all posts adapted for calibration of the hytherographs LB-710. LB-520 can emulate a hytherograph LB-710 and because of that it can be used interchangeably in all systems using the hytherographs LB-710. It allows on an additional reading of the measured values on the recorder's screen.

Optionally the device can be made in a version LB-520T designed only for temperature measurement and registry using a built-in or an outside temperature sensor in accordance with the scopes provided in the technical data in the point "extensions".

Hytherograph LB-520B is a simplified version of a hytherograph LB-520. The elements used in it are less expensive and the production procedures are simplified what allows on obtaining a lower price for this device compared to similar devices available on the market with comparable technical possibilities.

Each hytherograph (thermometer) adequately to the client specifications can have an individual calibration certificate from the LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory, a calibration certificate from the Central Office of Measures in Warsaw or from the Central Military Meteorology Center in Zielonka.


The recorder LB-520 and LB-520T are designed for control and documentation of all technological processes in the production plants, especially in the medical and consumption branches. It can be used for climate parameter registry inside the boxes containing goods sensitive to humidity and temperature. It is especially useful when it is necessary to meet ISO and HACCP standards concerning production quality control.


Measurement inaccuracy LB-520, LB-520T, LB-520TE
+/- 0,1°C
+/- 0,2°C
+/- 0,6°C
+/- 1,2°C
+/- 1 last digit, in the scope of 0.. +50°C
+/- 1 last digit, in the scope of -30.. +50°C
+/- 1 last digit, in the scope of -100… +200°C
+/- 1 last digit, in the scope of -200.. +550°C
Measurement inaccuracy LB-520B +/- 0,5°C +/- 1 last digit, in the scope of -20.. +40°C
Scope of measurement -30.. +80°C
-100.. +200°C
-200.. +550°C
internal temperature sensor, for LB-520 or LB-520T
external temperature sensor, for LB-520T (*1)
external temperature sensor, for LB-520TE (*1)
Measurement resolution
in the scope of -199,9.. +199,9°C
outside of the scope -199,9.. +199,9°C
Measurement inaccuracy LB-520, LB-520H
+/- 2,0%
+/- 4,0%
in the scope of 10.. 90%, +/- 1 last digit
outside of the scope 10.. 90%
Measurement inaccuracy LB-520B
+/- 2,0% for temperature 2°C
Scope of measurement LB-520, LB-520B 10.. 95%
10.. 60%
10.. 40%
for temperatures up to +40°C
for temperatures up to +70°C
for temperatures up to +85°C
Scope of measurement LB-520H 0.. 100%
0.. 70%
0.. 40%
for temperatures up to +60°C
for temperatures up to +70°C
for temperatures up to +85°C
Measurement resolution
Memory capacity
21504 records
32256 records, for LB-520T
humidity and temperature
Transmission speed 115,2 kbit/s

Power supply
3,6V / 2,1 Ah
lithium battery
Guaranteed time of battery life
9/ 9 years
5/10 years for LB-520T
registry period 1 minute/ 1 hour
Emulation LB-710 - outside power supply
5.. 28V
energy consumption 1 mA average, 25 mA maximum
Overall dimensions
110 x 65 x 28 mm
overall dimensions without a hook
Material, degree of casing protection
Scope of temperatures -30.. +80°C

EXTENDED VERSIONS – upon a special request the following versions are available:

  • LB-520H - with extended compared to a standard version scope of humidity measurement up to 0...100%,
  • LB-520B – economy version, lower measurement accuracy,
  • LB-520T - version for temperature measurement and registry using an external sensor Pt1000 - in the scope of 30.. +80°C,
  • LB-520TX- version for temperature measurement and registry using an external sensor Pt1000 - in the scope of -100.. +200°C (*1)
  • LB-520TXE- version for temperature measurement and registry using an external sensor Pt1000 - in the scope of -200.. +550°C (*1)
(*1): the scope of measurement provided can be additionally limited by the parameters of an external sensor used.

Optional equipment

LB-520 + LB-529 LB-520 + LB-528
LB-529 a universal stand with a lock for fastening the recorder LB-520 (protected from being stolen). LB-528 a stand for placing the recorder LB-520 on a table.