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with a SMS/GPRS function

  • SMS alarming
  • data registry through Internet/GPRS
  • measurements: temperature (x2), humidity, pressure, dew point
  • functions: thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, recorder, exceeds signaller, reading panel
  • battery and network powered
  • interface RS-232C
Termometr higrometr LB-701 + LB707


Panel LB-707 is a measurement microcomputer serving the outside temperature and humidity probes. GSM/GPRS module built in the device allows on wireless communication using SMS communicates and a GPRS channel. The panel is equipped with an electronic measurement memory, LCD display and a keyboard.

The meter is designed for monitoring of climate parameters: in rooms, chambers, refrigerators as well as temperature of solid bodies and liquids (depending on a type of sensor casing). It can be used as a recorder in transportation or a device documenting the process of storing. The panel allows on parameter registry for many days with a possibility of later reading and when using GPRS registry also following the current measurement results from each location where there is GSM signal covering (i. e. car on the road). The device can supervise temperature and humidity as well as send out warning communicates to mobile phones of people involved in the process. The panel can also monitor the energy powering status of other devices: send out communicates about power supply failure.

Panel LB-707 can work in the following measurement configurations:
  1. LB-707T with a probe LB-754T as a double electronic thermometer *)
  2. LB-707T with a probe LB-754J as a single electronic thermometer *)
  3. LB-707 with a probe LB-701 as an electronic thermometer - hygrometer (optionally equipped with an internal barometric module LB-707B)
  4. LB-707T with a probe LB-754P as an electronic thermometer - psychrometer*)
*) for configurations marked in such way there is a possibility of exchangeable use of a probe LB-754(T/J/P) and LB-701 however without a barometric option.

Sonda LB-754J
Probe LB-754J
Termometr higrometr LB-701
Probe LB-701
Termometr elektroniczny LB-701T
Probe LB-701T
Psychrometr LB-754P
Psychrometer LB-754P

The thermoresistors Pt-1000 (or Pt-100) are used as thermometer sensors. Maximum scope of measurement offered by the panel LB-707 stays between -200...+550 °C with a limitation caused by sensor construction. Detailed data concerning the measuring probes is enclosed in the document " Temperature sensors for electronic thermometers". Temperature measurement result is determined with 0.01°C resolution.

Humidity measurement when using the probe LB-701 is based on a thin-layer relative humidity capacity sensor. The results are presented with 0.1% resolution. Thermometer – hygrometer probe LB-701 is equipped with a pollution filter and its data is introduced in the document “ Hytherograph sensor shields".

Except from the humidity measurement results the panel LB-707 also defines: dew point temperature and water steam content in the air ppm obj. The panel equipped with a barometric module defines air pressure in hPa and mm Hg.

The device performs a function of a measurement data logger (recorder). Measured results can be stored in the internal electronic memory or send out using Internet network to a distant reading server using GPRS services provided by a mobile communications operator. In the energy saving mode the panel gets switched on periodically in order to perform registry and then it enters a stand by mode. A user has a possibility of defining parameters that enter the registry, entry intervals as well as resolution of stored results. Registry memory capacity depends on the settings and the type of memory installed.

The table below provides the number of possible to be stored measurement results for typical configurations.

Configuration Standard memory Extended memory Registered parameters
with a probe LB-701
temperature and humidity
with a probe LB-701
and a barometer
temperature, humidity and pressure
only with a barometer
with a probe LB-754P
temperature and humidity
with a probe LB-754J
with a probe LB-754T

A user has an option of setting whether after filling the recorder memory it is to be blocked or it is to be continued with overwriting the oldest results. The registry moments are marked by a built in clock. Data readings from the internal memory is performed using a PC software through a series interface RS-232C or directly from the panel’s display.

For every measured parameter it is possible to set few alarm thresholds: first threshold for top exceeds, second threshold for bottom exceeds. When the measured value exceeds the alarm threshold the panel sends out a SMS message with an appropriate information. When a value of the measured parameter returns to the acceptable interval the panel sends out an information about an alarm end. Additionally, the following situations can be signalled as alarms: lack of power supply, used up battery, device errors. The SMS alerts can be sent to maximum 5 users entered in the device memory. The alarms can also be sent using Internet/GPRS to data server.

Using wireless communication (SMS alarming and Internet/GPRS registry) requires for the user to buy those services from GSM operator. Registry through Internet requires additional GPRS service activation. The LAB-EL Company offers a data registry server available through Internet. A client can access the registered data through a www browser.

Except for SMS alarming for each measured parameter it is possible to define additional set of thresholds that can be used for acoustic exceeds signalling. The panel signals exceeds using internal signaller and a LED indicator.

The device can be powered from a battery and used as a portable meter. The batteries are not used when the network supply goes down however they can create an additional source of energy in case of no network supply. When being battery powered and using energy saving mode (panel stand by) one set of elements lasts for 20 months of registry with an entry every half an hour (without using SMS and Internet communication).

Each thermometer - hygrometer LB-701 (upon a request) can have an individual calibration certificate issued by the LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory. Barometer (upon an additional request) can have a calibration certificate issued by the Air Force Technical Institute in Warsaw

The methods used when taking relative humidity and air temperature measurements using a hytherograph were introduced in the des cription.


Measurement probe
Scope of measurement Measurement inaccuracy
LB-701 -40..85°C +/- 0,1°C, +/- 1 last digit
LB-701T -40..85°C +/- 0,1°C, +/- 1 last digit
-150..240°C +/- 0,2°C, +/- 1 last digit
-200..550°C +/- 1°C, +/- 1 last digit
LB-754(J/T) -40..85°C +/- 0,1°C, +/- 1 last digit
-130..240°C +/- 0,2°C, +/- 1 last digit
-200..550°C +/- 1,0°C, +/- 1 last digit
5..70°C +/- 0,1°C, +/- 1 last digit
Measurement inaccuracy +/- 2.0%,
+/- 1 last digit

in the scope of 10...90%
+/- 4.0%,
+/- 1 last digit
outside of the scope 10...90%
Scope of measurement LB-701 10..95% for temperatures up to +40°C
10..60% for temperatures up to +70°C
10..40% for temperatures up to +80°C
Scope of measurement LB-701H 0..100% for temperatures up to +60°C
0..70% for temperatures up to +70°C
0..40% for temperatures up to +80°C
Measurement inaccuracy +/- 1,0%, +/- 1 last digit in the scope of 50,1..99,9%
+/- 1,5%, +/- 1 last digit in the scope of 15..50%
+/- 2,0%, +/- 1 last digit below 15%
Scope of measurement 5..99,9%
Measurement inaccuracy +/- 1,0 hPa in the scope of temperatures 0..+50 °C
Scope of measurement 700...1100 hPa
Parameter Scope of readings Resolution
Air temperature -200,0..+550,0°C 0,1°C or 0,01°C
Relative humidity 0,0..99,9% 0,1%
Dew point temperature -40,0..+100,0°C 0,1°C
Volume water vapor content in the air 0..99999ppm 1ppm
Time months, days, hrs., min, sec
1 sec
Pressure 700...1100 hPa 0,1 hPa
Device Scope Comments
Panel LB-707 0..+50°C without water outdropping
Battery 4 batteries LR6 (AA)
Network stabilized feeder 12V DC
interface RS232C not active app. 6 mA
interface RS232C active app. 18 mA
*) With not active wireless communication module.
Scope of temperatures 10..40°C
Scope of humidity 20..80%
Level of environment corrosion aggressiveness accord. PN-71/H-04651 B
Degree of casing protection IP 60
*) Going beyond recommended constant work conditions (i.e. when installing the device in the open space) requires using additional protection means for the device's electronic part so that water out dropping does not start inside of the device.


Series RS232C, 4 lines (RxD, TxD, RTS, GND), switching on the interface power supply - active stage line RTS form a computer, transmission parameters: 9600 bps, 8 bits of information, without the evenness control, 1 stop bit.
Creates a possibility of reading the measurement results, storing the registry parameters as well as adjusting the device parameters in its non-volatile memory.


  • network feeder,
  • interface RS232C cable,
  • computer instrument program for cooperation with a panel LB-707,
  • 4 batteries R6.


The following extended versions of a probe LB-701 are available:
  • LB-701H - with extended compared to a standard, range of constant humidity measurement to 0...100%,
  • LB-701T - in version only for temperature measurement (possible outside probe Pt-1000),
  • LB-701Fn - sensor casing version ( according to a description), the version is given if it is different than F1.
The following extended versions of a panel LB-707 are available:

LB-707B - reading panel equipped with an air pressure sensor,
LB-707P - reading panel equipped with an extended registry memory.
Other panels that collaborate with a probe LB-701: LB-704, LB-705, LB-706, LB-725, LB-795.
Other panels that collaborate with a probe LB-754: LB-706, LB-795.
See also
LB-706, LB-725, LB-754P, LB-705
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Thermometer-hygrometer-barometer LB-707 with SMS and GPRS function; panel LB-707 is a measuring microcomputer serving the outside temperature and humidity probes.
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