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thermometer / microprocessor controller

  • functions: thermometer, precise temperature regulator PID
  • measurement: temperature
  • stationary device
  • big, easy to read display
  • interface RS-232C

Regulator temperatury LB-708T


A device LB-708TR is a single-channel, precise temperature regulator which stabilises temperature by heating. The regulator can be used for controlling such devices as i. e.: a drier, a welding machine, an injection moulding machine, an incubator, a thermostat with a calibration bath etc.

The device’s thermometer takes temperature measurements using an outside sensor with a platinum thermoresistor Pt1000 (or optionally Pt100). Using platinum thermoresistor assures high measurement accuracy and constant thermometer characteristics. The outside temperature sensor is made in a standard or a special casing one structurally adapted to individual customer requirements. Different versions of the sensor casing allow on measurement of various mediums in different scopes of temperature. The temperature sensor is attached to a regulator using a plug type 2RM14KPN4G1.

Temperature measuring path is calibrated by a producer and the calibration data is stored in a digital form in a panel. The device does not have any mechanical calibration elements (i.e.: potentiometers). The calibration of the device is performed by sending calibration data obtained in the model climate conditions through a digital interface to the non-volatile memory of the device. It guarantees comfort and high calibration accuracy as well as stability of the device's meteorological parameters in time.

By using two key buttons a user has an opportunity of setting the regulator to a required temperature. The temperature regulation works basing on an algorithm PID with an internal resolution 0,01°C. The regulation parameters PID can be set by the user after attaching the regulator to a PC computer on which a special service program was started.

The regulator LB-708TR has a steering output with a triac switched to zero voltage. The output is designed for steering reactive load resistance of power up to 2.2 kW (230V/10A). It is also possible to make a bigger power output.

Through a series voltage interface RS-232C the device can be attached to any computer system what allows on remote collecting of the current measurement results.

The device is designed for usage in stationary conditions, its casing has special hooks that allow on hanging it on a wall. The panel has a big, easy to read LED display which allows on displaying two temperatures: set and measured. The device is powered from a power supply network of 230V.

The regulator with a temperature sensor (upon request) can have an individual calibration certificate of temperature measuring path issued by the LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory or the Energy Institute in Warsaw.


Version Scope of measurement Measurement inaccuracy with individual sensor calibration
Measurement inaccuracy without individual sensor calibration
basic -40..150°C +/- 0,1°C, +/- 1 last digit +/- 0,5°C, +/- 1 last digit
extended -150..240°C +/- 0,2°C, +/- 1 last digit +/- 1°C, +/- 1 last digit
-200..550°C +/- 1°C, +/- 1 last digit +/- 5°C, +/- 1 last digit
Parameter Scope of readings Resolution
Temperature – basic scope -40..+150°C 0,1°C (in the scope -9,9...99,9 °C),
1°C (in the rest)
Temperature – extended scope -200..+550°C 0,1°C (in the scope -9,9...99,9 °C),
1°C (in the rest)
Network power supply
230V 50 Hz
Energy consumption 10 VA
Control output load carrying capacity 
230V / 50Hz / 10A
Type of load carrying capacity 
Device Scope Comments
Panel LB-708TR 0..+40°C
Temperature sensors
-40..+150°C basic scope, limited additionally by a temperature sensor's construction
-200..+550°C extended scope, limited additionally by a temperature sensor's construction
Scope of temperatures 10..40°C
Scope of humidity 20..80%
Level of environment corrosion aggressiveness accord. PN-71/H-04651 B
Class of resistance according to DIN40050  IP40
*) Going beyond recommended constant work conditions (i.e. when installing the device in the open space) requires using an additional protection means for the device's electronic part so that water out dropping does not start inside of the device (using additional outside casing).


Series RS232C, 2 lines (RxD, TxD, GND), switching on the interface power supply - active stage line RTS form a computer, transmission parameters: 9600 bps, 8 bits of information, without evenness control, 1 stop bit.


Panel casing (to be hanged on a wall) of overall dimensions: 180 x 130 x 106 mm.


  • interface RS232C cable,
  • program “User interface” for a computer.