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  • functions: thermometer, hygrometer (humidity meter), barometer
  • measurement: temperature, air relative humidity, barometric pressure
  • two cable connection
  • digital data transmission to long distances
Termometr higrometr barometr LB-715


Meter LB-715 is designed for air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure measurement. It is a device of small size, powered from an outside power supply. It is characterized by a modern construction based on efficient and energy saving microprocessor controller.

For measurement the device uses data from a temperature sensor Pt-1000, from a capacitive relative humidity sensor and from a semiconductor pressure sensor. Basing on the knowledge of nonlinear temperature sensor characteristics and digital calibration data stored during the calibration process in a device's non-volatile memory (each device is calibrated separately) the microprocessor counts the actual temperature, relative humidity and pressure measurement. The device does not have its own LCD screen to display the measurement results. The measurement results from LB-715 are sent (in a digital form- current loop) from the device to a supervisory system of data collection: (using converter LB-371 or LB-486) or through an interface RS232C to a PC computer or to a special portable reading panel LB-755, which is provided in as an additional device equipment. The interface parameters allow on sending data and powering the device using one two-cable line of any polarity. The sending line cable length is limited by the cable resistance (the resistance of both cable conductors cannot exceed 100 om).

The device does not have any mechanical calibration elements (i.e.: potentiometers). The calibration of the device is performed by sending calibration data obtained in a model climate conditions through a digital interface to a non-volatile device memory. It guarantees comfort and high calibration accuracy as well as stability of the device's meteorological parameters in time.

Barometer LB-716 is a less complex version of LB-715 in which there are no sensors for humidity and temperature measurement. The measurement results from the barometer LB-716 are sent from the device in a digital form (current loop) to a supervisory system of data collection (using a converter LB-371 or LB-486) or through an interface RS232C to a PC computer or to a special reading panel: stationary LB-724 or portable LB-755 that provide additional device equipment.

Thermometer- hygrometer- barometer LB-715 and barometer LB-716 can be made in a special "S" version (in a silicone filing compound), which makes them resistant to high humidity.

The device's standard version (without the silicone filing) is adapted for short time (up to few hours) measurements on the ends of measurement scopes. Except from the measurements the devices in a standard version should stay in recommended constant work conditions.

Independently from the ("S") version the devices cannot be put into immediate precipitation or water out dropping.

Each thermometer – hygrometer -barometer (barometer) (upon a request) can have an individual calibration certificate issued by the LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory (humidity and temperature measurement) and a certification of proof issued by the Air force Technical Institute in Warsaw (pressure measurement).

Technical parameters

Measurement inaccuracy
+/- 0.1°C +/- 1 last digit
Scope of measurement -40..+85°C
Measurement resolution
Measurement inaccuracy
+/- 2.0 % in the scope of 10...90%, +/- 1 last digit
+/- 4.0% outside of the scope 10...90%
Scope of measurement LB-715 10..95 % for temperatures up to +40 °C
10..60 % for temperatures up to +70 °C
10..40 % for temperatures up to +80 °C
Measurement resolution
0.1 %
Measurement inaccuracy
+/- 1.0 hPa in the scope of 0..+70 °C
Scope of measurement 700..1100 hPa
Measurement resolution
0.1 hPa
Scope of temperatures
+5..+40 °C
Scope of humidity 20..80 %
Scope of pressure
850..1100 hPa
*) - Going beyond recommended constant work conditions (i.e. when installing the device in the open space) requires using additional protection means for the device's electronic part so that water out dropping does not start inside of the device (protecting the electronics with silicone or using additional external casing).
Scope of voltage
8..24V DC
Energy consumption
15mA average
25mA maximum
Casing overall dimensions, material
185 x 80 x 60 mm polymas, ABS
Level of casing protection
IP 65 limited additionally by the class of filter protection


Transmission parameters: time in accordance with RS232C, 300 bps, 7 information bits, without the evenness control, 1 stop bit working in a standard of a digital current loop.


The following versions are available upon a special request:
  • LB-715S/LB-716S - with increased resistance to climate conditions (in a silicone filling). 
Other barometers produced by us: LB-750
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See also
Barometer LB-750 Barometer LB-750
Laboratory barometer LB-750 is designed for current atmospheric pressure measurement. The barometer works basing on three semiconductor pressure sensors.
LB-716AP/D LB-716AP/D
Elektroniczny barometr LB-716AP służy do pomiaru ciśnienia bezwzględnego, natomiast ciśnieniomierz LB-716AD do pomiaru różnicy ciśnień występującej między wysuniętymi na zewnątrz obudowy króćcami pomiarowymi. Są one ciśnieniomierzami elektronicznymi, stacjonarnym, o niewielkich rozmiarach, zasilanym poprzez interfejs S300.
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Thermo-hygro-barometer LB-715 barometer LB-716; LB-715 is designed for air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure measurement.
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