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Field meteorological station LB-741

  • functions: logger, interface for the LAB-EL meters
  • measurement: climate parameters
  • communication with a user's computer
  • radio transmission of the measurement results GSM/GPRS

Stacja meteo LB-741


Meteorological station LB-741 is designed for current control of the basic climate parameters such as:

  • air temperature,
  • air humidity,
  • soil temperature,
  • atmospheric pressure,
  • wind speed,
  • wind direction,
  • rainfall,
  • sun radiation,
  • surface humidity,
  • water level in the rivers,
  • soil humidity,
  • pollution concentration in the air,
  • and other parameters according to a client's requirements.

The station includes a panel LB-741, which is attached with the following measurement devices:

  • hytherograph LB-710R,
  • thermometer LB-710T,
  • multi-channel thermometer LB-711,
  • barometer LB-716,
  • wind speed and direction meter LB-746 or LB-747,
  • rain gauge i.e. ARG100,
  • sun radiation meter LB-900,
  • integrated road sensor LB-781,
  • water level meter LB-810W,
  • soil humidity meter ML2x,
  • gas concentration meter,
  • and other according to the requirements.

Individual measurement devices are introduced in the adequate leaflets. 

The outside meters (hytherograph LB-710R, thermometer LB-710T, barometer LB-716, wind meter LB-746 and rain gauge ARG100 etc.) are attached using two wire cables for input interfaces in the station’s LB-741 panel.

The station panel LB-741 is equipped with a memory collecting the measurement results from all of the sensors where each includes: date, time and a measurement result. The type of data stored and time of registry interval are programmed by a user.

A station's microprocessor can calculate any optional parameter resulting i.e. from a statistical analysis of the samples from any measurement (i.e. pressure change tendency, average direction, average wind speed etc.), according to a client's detailed requirements. The realization of such requirements is performed through preparation of an adequate version of the internal panel software LB-741. The software is loaded to a station’s controller without a need of disassembling it and that is why it can be modified in an already existing station.

Data registered in the station’s panel can be read by the user using a PC computer through a communication interface of the station’s panel. There are few optional ways of realizing the communication interface equipment:

  • RS-232C -  for local connection up to 20 m distance (standard equipment),
  • RS-485 (isolated) - to be connected by a symmetric screen cable from 500 up to 1000 m distance (standard equipment),
  • GSM radio modem (g18 GPRS Motorola) to be connected at any distance, in the scope of GSM network work (standard equipment - ordered separately),
  • AT telephonic modem (commutative lines, rented, internal - additional option).

The user reads data from the station using a standard PC computer, which for that purpose should be equipped with an adequate interface device and software. In case of the transmissions through RS-485 (or a fiber wire - optionally) a converter LB-486 is used as the interface device. In case of GSM radio transmission - GSM radio modem (GPRS) serves as an interface device.

Special software, installed on the computer assures communication with the station (or with any number of them), what allows on rewriting the measurement results in a text format on to a PC computer’s HDD and having the data processed and visualized adequately to the user's requirements. There is a possibility of attaching the station to any type of information system owned by the client or to internet (see demo - www.meteo.waw.pl).

The station’s panel LB-741 in its standard version can have a built-in LCD screen 2x20 characters, which provides successionally information concerning the status of the station's power supply and shows the measurement results from all of the attached sensors as well as communicates any possible errors.

The basic source of the power supply for the station LB-741 is the network 230V/50Hz. There is a possibility of installing an accumulator 12V/4 Ah in the station panel and attaching an outside solar battery, what allows on locating the stations in places where there is no network power supply. When powered from the network 230V the station sets on an internal heating system, when the temperature inside goes below -15°C or if the device's relative humidity goes above 85%, what allows on correct device work at different and changing environment climate conditions.

The station LB-741 construction is module and easily configured (expanded) depending on the client's requirements. The elements that are easy to be configured according to the client's requirements are among other: number and type of the measurement devices, station internal software, type of the station’s power supply, interface communication equipment realization, PC computer software for visualization of the results, presence of a displaying module, presence of GSM radio modem.

The station panel is built-in a cage made out of synthetic materials. The panel can be installed in a closed room as well as in the field meteorological stations. Panel installation in the open field requires placing it in an additional metal casing assuring higher resistance to climate conditions and protection against unauthorized persons.

Technical data

Meteorological parameters

  • introduced in the leaflets for certain meters.

Output interfaces

  • electric interfaces: parameters in accordance with RS232C or RS-485,
  • optical interface: connections type ST, fiber wire 62,5/125 um (additional option upon a request).

Panel external overall dimensions

  • width: 235 mm,
  • height: 320 mm,
  • depth: 135 mm.


  • 230V / 10VA / 50Hz,
  • 12V / 200 mA.

Scope of panel work temperatures

  • -40..+70°C

Class of resistance

  • according to DIN40050: IP54
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Field meteorological station LB-741; meteorological station LB-741 is designed for current control of basic climate parameters such as: air temperature, air humidity, soil temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric precipitation, sun radiation, surface humidity, water level in rivers, soil humidity, pollutants concentration in air and other parameters according to client requirements.
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