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Regulator LB-760D for control of the cold stores

  • functions: measurement, registry, regulation
  • measurement: temperature, humidity
  • competitive price
  • "ready-to-go"   installations
  • program LBX for a PC with the Windows system
Regulator LB-760 LB-761 (pilot)

Designed for

Regulator LB-760D with the measurement sensors creates a set for a cold store control designed for mushroom storage according to the HACCP requirements. It is designed for:

  • measurement, regulation and registry of air relative humidity in a cold store,
  • measurement and registry of air temperature in a cold store,
  • measurement and registry of the additional 6 temperatures that can be used i.e. for:
    • temperature control in the additional 4 places in a cold store,
    • temperature control of hot water and ice water in a power supply system of the climate centers. 

The regulator is a stationary device, powered from 230V network made in a form of a panel to be hanged on a wall. The device’s construction is based on an advanced microprocessor technique. Controlling the regulator is possible by using a remote control pilot or an attached PC computer with a program LBX. The solution applied, allows on comfortable regulator control in a place not easily accessible but also increases maintenance security, makes it impossible for the not authorized persons to gain access. All of the measurement results are presented on the easy to read LCD displays.

Each regulator LB-760D is assigned for supervision of only one cold store. In case of having a greater number of cold stores, it is necessary to apply a separate regulator for each one of the cold stores. The regulators LB-760D installed in the cold stores, after being attached to a computer of PC type, create a shared control-measurement system. At that time it is possible to comfortably control the regulators from a PC computer, measurement result collection, creation of their history, scrolling over the results in graph forms of and printing the graphs on a printer. For connecting the regulators with the computer an interface RS485 is used, which assures a minimal number of cables used between the regulators and the computer as well as a great data transmission range (few hundred meters).


To each regulator LB-760D the following measurement elements can be attached:
  • Psychometric probe for measurement of air relative humidity and temperature in a cold store, 
  • Four probes for measurement of any additional temperatures i.e. in various places in a cold store.
  • Double probe for measurement of two temperatures: hot and cold water.
To each regulator LB-760D the following executive elements can be attached:
  • Moisture valve, regulating the inflow of atomized water (or steam) in a constant (a valve with a servo) or an impulse way (a valve type switch on/off).


The output regulation signals are controlled by the measurement results obtained in the regulation procedures based on the set values and the actually measured values of air humidity in a cold store chamber.

The regulator is equipped with an alarm outlet, allowing on signaling the alarm statuses (probe defect, lack of power supply) or improper condition of the substrate parameters. The alarm output can be attached with i.e. a bell, which notifies the staff on duty about an occurrence of an alarm situation.     

The construction of the devices and work of their control software was prepared in cooperation with the mushroom growing experts and is constantly developed using data collected in the mushroom growing halls.

Each user of the L-B regulators can perform a free software update of the regulators and a PC control computer. Because of a modern regulator construction there is a possibility of multiple independent program implementation work in the regulators. For such purpose the user downloads the newest software using the internet (or receives it on a CD) that after starting loads the new software work from the PC control computer successively to all regulators.

At present a new program  LBX for a PC is available, which controls work of the regulators LB-760, LB-760A, LB-760C and LB-760D, which works in different Winows systems, which was developed as an answer to constantly increasing user expectations, appearance of the quality certification HACCP as well as development of computer engineering.

Devices' installation


The LAB-EL company provides as a basic set: the regulators LB-760D, temperature measurement probes as well as control software for a computer. As an additional equipment the company provides a converter LB-485 and screened computer cables (for attaching the regulators with a computer). Purchase of a control computer and a printer should be performed with taking into account the closeness of a warrant service in a computer company close to ones place of living. We assure additional service in a form of help in low voltage electric installation and system configuration (connecting the probes, probe calibration, parameter programming attaching and configuration  of a computer) and training. Low installation cost assures active participation of an investor in the installation (mechanic assembly of the devices and cables) usage of the investor’s own executive devices.

The price list was introduced at: http://www.label.com.pl/po/cennik.html " Ready-to-go"   installations

The complete "ready-to-go" system installations in the cold stores, that can include a delivery, assembly and service of the executive devices and the regulators LB-760D (in cooperation with LAB-EL) is performed by the companies which addresses are introduces on a page with our distributors and installation persons.

Ocena produktu
Do kontroli pracy chłodni przeznaczonej do przechowywania pieczarek i owoców zgodnie z wymogami HACCP. Pomiar, regulacjia i rejestracji wilgotności względnej powietrza w chłodni, pomiar i rejestracja temperatury powietrza w chłodni, pomiar i rejestracja dodatkowych 6 temperatur.
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