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  • function: flow meter in open channels
  • measurement: flow intensity
  • wide scope of work temperatures
  • measurement and registry
  • checked at work in many sewage treatment plants
Miernik przepywu wody LB-810


The meter LB-810 is designed for constant water or sewage intensity flow measurement in the open channel with an overflow or with a Venturi tube. The device takes measurements of the damming up of water height using the echo sounder rule (measurement of the echo ultrasound return time). The microprocessor used in the device counts the obtained distance measurement result (damming up of water H) to the amount of flow (Q) basing on the set characteristics of the overflow or tube (Q=f(H)). One can introduce to the device's nonvolatile memory (using the cooperating with the flow meter programmer LB-811) any characteristic of the typical measurement flumes with the Venturi tube (KPV) or with the triangular overfall (KIII). In the non standard cases the user can introduce a different characteristic - defined individually (maximum 19 measurement points). It should be stressed that introducing the measurement table flume to the device's memory is not final and can be performed many times. After programming the flow meter LB-810 the programmer LB-811 is disconnected, what secures the flow meter from any mistaken (or done on purpose) programming it by the user.

The functions realized by the flow meter LB-810:
  • showing the moment flow values (LED screen),
  • showing the cumulated flow (24 hours),
  • storing 28 last 24 hours flows in the nonvolatile memory,
  • controlling the executive devices depending on the set level (transmitters),
  • showing the emergency work conditions,
  • possibility of work with the automatic systems (current outputs, voltage outputs),
  • possibility of user programming of many work parameters (programmer LB-811),
  • possibility of working with any flow or tube (programmer L-811),
  • automatic compensation of the changes in the ultrasound waves propagation speed caused by the changes in the center parameter (temperature, pressure, impurities) using distance measurement from a reference bar.


  • Measurement converter: piezoelectric ultrasound probe produced by SIEMENS
  • Scope of measurement:
    • 1,2 ... 3000 l/sec dla for the tubes type KPV I...XI,
    • 0.5 .. 10 l/sec for the triangular overfalls,
    • or other according to user requirements.
  • Probe distance from the liquid mirror: 0,2 .. 1,3 m or 0,4 .. 3,0 m (depending on the probe type).
  • Intensity measurement error: depending on the measurement conditions, type of the overfall, flow intensity.
  • Distance measurement error: +/- 0.5 mm
  • Work temperature:
    • probe -25.. +60 °C,
    • servo -40 .. +60 °C.
  • Analog outputs:
    • current loop 4 .. 20 mA,
    • voltage output 0 .. 10 V.
  • Exceed of the set level transmitter outputs: power carrying capacity 230V / 2A.
  • Digital interface: voltage in the RS-232C standard, speed transmission 300 bods, 7 data bits, 1 stop bit.
  • Flow registry: the flow meter registers in the nonvolatile memory the values and registry dates of the last 28 values of cumulated flow in the period of 24 hours.
  • Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz / 30 VA
  • Degree of casing protection:
    • probe IP67,
    • servo IP64.

Instalacja przepywomierza
An example measurement station equipped with an intensity flow meter LB-810

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The meter LB-810 is designed for constant water or sewage intensity flow measurement in the open channel with an overflow or with a Venturi tube.
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