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  • function: meter of toxic gases concentration in the air
  • measurement: CO2 concentration (carbon dioxide)
  • measurement method: NDIR
  • alarm signaling
  • registry
Czujnik CO2 AirTECH-mini


AirTECH-vento is a modern, digital, portable meter designed for control of carbon dioxide level in closed spaces. Except form the measurement functions it has an internal memory which registers the measurement results during 8 hour work day, calculating module also displaying present NDS level and an alarm arrangement, signaling optically and by sound exceeding of the set CO2 concentrating thresholds. Because of it, it is not only adequate for the industrial safety services but also for individual employer protection especially at risk of CO2 action of high concentration and for stating dynamic changes in the level of CO2 in the rooms of various type. 


  • brewery, distillery, and other plants of fermentation industry,
  • bottling plants of soft drinks,
  • CO2 cylinders warehouses,
  • fire extinguishing warehouses and the quarters with a fire extinguishing installation based on CO2.


  • highly selective measurement based on a principle of infrared flux NDIR absorption,
  • no influence from other gases, steams and moistures,
  • complete resistance to periodical exceed in the scope of measurement (up to 100% vol.),
  • constant presentation of CO2 level and constantly updated NDS value on a display,
  • optical alarm,
  • sound alarm,
  • long work time up to 12 hours (accumulator type Li-ion, without an effect of memory loading),
  • long service free period because of an internal auto-calibration procedure,
  • energonomic and esthetic casing,
  • standard equipment: a case, a belt clip, a battery charger,
  • OPTIONALLY: AirTECH-vento, scope: 0-2000 ppm, for efficiency control of the ventilation systems.


principle of NDIR measurement 
absorption of not dispersion infrared, sensor SenseAir
gases detected
carbon dioxide
scope of measurement 0...0,6 % volume
gases disturbing a measurement none
method of gas sampling diffusive or flow (optionally)  
response time
diffusion 2 minutes; flow 200 ml/min 15 seconds
accuracy in temperature 25C 3 % indications, not less than 0,02 % volume
temperature dependency 0,005 % volume/°C with zero level 0,015 % volume/°C with 0,3 % volume CO2
LCD, outside CO2 concentration + updated NDS value
optical alarm LED 5 pieces
sound alarm buzzer 2 kHz
internal memory up to 8 hours of measurement
USB cable with an interface UART-RS232 (optionally)
software in accordance with Windows 95/98/NT (optionally) functions: data transfer from the internal; setting configuration; calibration
sensor life >15 years
accumulator life >3 years
auto-diagnostics power supply / sensor / internal settings / auto-calibration
burn-in time 30 seconds, meteorological readiness after 15 min.
work / storage temperature
0...+50°C /-20... +70°C
humidity allowed
0...95 % RH (without condensation)
charger 6 Vdc / 700 mA
internal accumulator
3,6 Vdc /1400 mAh Li-ion (work time >8 h)
energy consumption
55 mA in a normal mode 100 mA in an alarm mode 
overall dimension  / weight  125 x 52 x 32 mm /135 g