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SIO - Terminal Emulator

  • works with the following operating systems:
    • DOS 
    • WIN 95/98/NT 
  • character terminal emulation in the following modes:
    • ANSI 
    • AT386 
    • QNX 
    • VT52 
    • VT100 
    • VT220-7 
    • VT220-8 
    • PC Term 
    • WY60 
  • Polish language version



 SIO program allows on a common PC computer modification to an advanced alphanumeric terminal capable of collaboration with the UNIX system. The possibility of multi-session work (DOS) creates such work comfort as when working on the system console. Built-in modem co-operation functions and file transmission result in the fact that it can be easily used as a communication program as well.

 The following versions of the program are available:

  • with series interface for DOS - works directly with series port 8250, 82550 - allows full configuration of the series port (including speed of transmission setting up to 115.200 bits/s and transmission synchronization : XON/XOFF, XPC, ENQ/ACK as well as modem lines),
  • with series interface for WIN 95/98/NT - allows on full configuration of the series port (including speed of transmission setting up to 115.200 bits/s and transmission synchronization: XON/XOFF, XPC, ENQ/ACK as well as modem lines),
  • with TCP/IP interface (via packet driver) for DOS - allows on work with telnet and rlogin protocols,
  • with TCP/IP interface (winsokets) for WIN 95/98/NT - allows on work with telnet and rlogin protocols.
 Program functional qualities:
  • Polish language version;
  • emulation of  such terminals as: Sio, ANSI, AT386, QNX, VT52, VT100, VT220-7, VT220-8, PC Term, WY60;
  • Sio – has its own terminal protocol for the window applications (for example sysadmsh, scosh, ixCOMMANDER) and it is faster than ANSI protocol for approx. some 25-30%;
  • easy definition installation of the emulated terminals under the UNIX system - package includes the installation script for the systems UNIX SCO 3.2.2 and 3.2.4 as well as NOVELL SVR4;
  • multi-session work (DOS) -program allows to open up to 20 user sessions at the same time that are switched over by the system program which manages the multi-session work (for example mscreen in system UNIX SCO);
  • possible operation of two monitors - makes the multi-session work much more comfortable;
  • configuration of the video text modes – the program allows on using the standard and nonstandard video card modes EGA, VGA, SVGA, with multi-session work it is possible to open sessions with various screen resolutions;
  • translation of the video attributes allows on replacement of those attributes that do not fit to others (for example the underline attribute on the color card looks like a dark navy blue - it can be replaced with more pleasant one);
  • keyboard in the ASCII mode and the code scan (DOS merge, VP/ix work without a problem), when multi-session work the scan code applications and the ASCII cab work at the same time;
  • full keyboard definition in the ASCII mode and the code scan - each key combination can be assigned with any character sequence;
  • work with a local printer (UNIX SCO lprint work without a problem);
  • translation of the incoming codes to a screen and a printer allow on adopting the program to any of the Polish letter codes;
  • the procedures for automatic log in and log out allow for the majority of the most frequently repeated operations to be automated;
  • possibility of storing the course of a session into the hard drive - log;
  • collaboration with a modem - flexible modem cooperation configuration allows to attach and use full abilities of the majority of modems existing on the market;
  • storage of addresses, transmission parameters, telephone and fax numbers;
  • transmission of files ASCII, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, Kermit;
  • program configuration is stored and password protected;
  • screen saver;
  • functions of information transfer between sessions (clipboard - mark, paste).
The  "DEMO" version of the SIO program can be downloaded on our web site.