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Laboratory Electronics


  • functions: thermometer, recorder (thermograph)
  • measurement: temperature
  • built-in printer
  • temperature monitoring in transport
  • fault-tolerant
  • wide scope of work temperatures
  • casing protection class IP65
  • built-in accumulator
  • optionally the measurement results displayed on PC as:
    • time function graph
    • temperature function histogram
    • time of exceeding the alarm values
Termograf LB-530


LB-530 is a precise multi channel temperature recorder. It can be attached with: from 1 to 4 sensors type or PT1000 or PT100. Additionally LB-530 can register a status for 4 inputs type open/closed. Those inputs can be used i.e. for controlling opening of a cooler’s door, its cooling device’s work or other occupancies. The values of the measured temperature as well as the digital inputs statuses are presented interchangeably on  8 character  LCD display. With each temperature channel and with each digital input it is possible to associate the alarm thresholds after exceeding which the recorder signalizes an alarm through an interrupted sound alert and an optical signal as well as it initializes an alarm output used for attaching an outside signaling device. The recorder is equipped with a big memory for the temperature measurement results and the statuses of the digital inputs. Data collected in the memory can be transferred to a computer of PC class using available specialized software LOGGER. The software allows on presentation and printout of the read data in a form of the table, graphs or histograms as well as reports with calculated time of alarm occurrence in the adequate channels. Additionally the registered data can be printed out at any time without a computer, on a thermal printer built-in in the recorder. Data is printed in a form of easy to read reports that can be used i.e. for documenting adhering to set storage product transport conditions.              

The recorder is powered from an outside power source of constant current voltage in the scope 9..36V and due to it can be powered immediately from a car’s electric installation 12/24V. The recorder is equipped with a built-in accumulator sustaining the device’s work in case of main power supply failure. In such case LB-530 does not loose its functional qualities along with a possibility of printing the reports on an internal printer.


The scope of recorder use is very broad, the device can be used everywhere where there is a necessity of temperature supervision in a constant manner, independently from danger of appearing breaks in the power supply. Printing of the reports is without a doubt an unquestionable advantage when documenting  meeting of the controlled climate conditions is a necessity and can be performed immediately and without a necessity of using a computer system (computer + program + printer) no matter whether there is presence or lack in the power supply at the moment of printing.

The recorder LB-530 was designed in order to meet strict formal requirements concerning controling of food storage and transport conditions.

  • PN-EN 12830 : "The temperature recorders used during transport, storage and distribution of cooled, frozen, deep frozen / quickly frozen food and ice cream".
  • PN-EN 13485 : "The thermometers for air temperature measurement of air and food for transport, storage and distribution, cooled, frozen, deep frozen food and ice cream  - research, requirements, application".

The recorder LB-530 is especially useful in the medical and food industry because of meeting the quality control requirements resulting from GMP, ISO and HACCP.

Each thermometer, adequately to an order, can have an individual calibration certificate form the Accredited Calibration Laboratory LAB-EL.


Measurement uncertainty
+/- 0,1°C  +/- 1 last digit, in the scope -40 .. +50°C 
+/- 0,2°C  +/- last digit, outside of the scope -40 .. +50°C 
Scope of measurement
-100..+200°C outside temperature sensor Pt100 or Pt1000
Resolution of measurement and registry
Memory capacity 
 6096 records
for registry of 4 temperatures and 4 "open/closed" inputs 
10160 records
for registry of 4 temperatures
20320 records
for registry of 2 temperatures
30480 records
for registry of 1 temperature
Registry interval
from 1 minute to 4 hours  
Type of registry
with continuation or to be filled
Built-in printer         
paper width 58 mm
programmable report period
current, for the last "n" hours, 24 hours, from.. till..
programmed report format
full (all data), shortened (extreme values and exceeding time)
Interface for PC
the equipment consists of a program LBX500 for reading, storing, and data analysis in accordance with a system WINDOWS 98/NT/ME/2000/XP
Source of power supply
external - 9...36 V DC
average 10 mA, maximum 1 A (printout) 
inside - accumulator 6 V/1,3 Ah possibility of registry, reading and printing  from a built-in accumulator 
Overall dimensions
190 x 160 x 105 mm dimensions without a hanger
Material, class of casing protection
Scope of work temperatures