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  • functions: thermometer, hygrometer
  • measurement: temperature, air relative humidity
  • small, heavy-duty device
  • wide range of work temperatures
  • class of casing resistance IP30
  • long-lived battery powering
  • optional cordless contact with a computer
  • hytherograph emulation LB-710


Hytherograph LB-522 is a miniature relative humidity and temperature meter. It is powered from a built in long-lived lithium battery. The device uses a thermoresistor Pt-1000 for temperature measurement and a capacity sensor for humidity measurement. Basing on the knowledge of non-linear sensor characteristics and digital calibration data stored during calibration in the device memory the microprocessor built in the device calculates the actual measurement results of relative humidity and temperature. The measurement results are presented alternately on a big easy to read liquid crystal display (LCD). The device has a function of memorising the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity measurements.

Hytherograph LB-522 is a continuation of hytherographs LB-710 manufactured by the LAB-EL company from many years. An identical way of calibration is applied in the recorder as in the devices LB-710 (calibration is done by sending to the device’s non volatile memory digital calibration data obtained while comparing device indications with model device indications during the process of calibration to which each device is subjected individually) what allows on meter calibration on all posts adapted for hytherograph LB-710 calibration. Hytherograph LB-522 can emulate hytherograph LB-710 and it can be applied interchangeably in all systems that use hytherographs LB-710, providing at the same time additionally a possibility of measured values local reading on the recorder’s display.

Hytherograph LB-522B is a simplified version of hytherograph LB-522. Less expensive elements and simplified production procedures were applied in the device what allowed on obtaining a lower device price than that offered by the competition with similar product technical specifications.

Each hytherograph (thermometer) adequately to client's specifications can have an individual calibration certificate from the LAB-EL Calibration Laboratory, a calibration certificate from the General Measurement Office in Warsaw or from the Central Army Meteorology Office in Zielonka.


Hytherograph LB-522 is designed for control and documentation of climate condition course in storehouses. The minimum/maximum memory allows on simplest possible registry of limit climate conditions in rooms.


Measurement inaccuracy LB-522
+/- 0,1°C
+/- 0,2°C
+/- 1 last digit, in the scope of 0.. +50°C
+/- 1 last digit, in the scope of -30.. +50°C
Measurement inaccuracy LB-522B +/- 0,5°C +/- 1 last digit, in the scope of -20.. +40°C
Scope of measurement -30.. +80°C

Measurement resolution

Measurement inaccuracy LB-522, LB-522H
+/- 2,0%
+/- 4,0%
in the scope of 10.. 90%, +/- 1 last digit
outside of the scope 10.. 90%
Measurement inaccuracy LB-522B
+/- 2,0% for temperature 25°C
Scope of measurement LB-522, LB-522B 10.. 95%
10.. 60%
10.. 40%
for temperatures up to +40°C
for temperatures up to +70°C
for temperatures up to +85°C
Scope of measurement LB-522H 0.. 100%
0.. 70%
0.. 40%
for temperatures up to +60°C
for temperatures up to +70°C
for temperatures up to +85°C
Measurement resolution

Power supply
3,6V / 2,1 Ah
lithium battery
Guaranteed time of battery life
4/ 9 years
5/10 years for LB-520T
registry period 1 minute/ 1 hour
Emulation LB-710 - outside power supply
5.. 28V
energy consumption 1 mA average, 25 mA maximum
Overall dimensions
110 x 65 x 28 mm
casing material ABS
Casing air tightness

Scope of temperatures -30.. +80°C

EXTENDED VERSIONS – upon a special request the following versions are available:

  • LB-522H - with extended compared to a standard version scope of humidity measurement up to 0...100%,
  • LB-522B – economy version, lower measurement accuracy.

Optional equipment

LB-520 + LB-529 LB-520 + LB-528
LB-529 a universal stand with a lock for fastening the recorder LB-520 (protected from being stolen). LB-528 a stand for placing the recorder LB-520 on a table.
See also
See also
LB-522T LB-522T
Wyświetlacz LCD, wewnętrzny albo (w wersji LB-522TX) zewnętrzny czujnik Pt1000 na kablu. Zasilanie z wbudowanej długowiecznej baterii albo z interfejsu S300. Maksymalny zakres pomiaru temperatury z czujnikiem zewnętrznym: -200..+550°C.
Termohigrometr LB-535 Termohigrometr LB-535
Termometr i higrometr z wyświetlaczem LCD, wbudowana długowieczna bateria, duża wewnętrzna pamięć pomiarów, odczyt przez interfejs radiowy EL-WAVE, zasięg do 300m,
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Hytherograph LB-522 is a miniature relative humidity and temperature meter. It is powered from a built in long-lived lithium battery.
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