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  • functions: measurement data recorder (logger)
  • projection, registry and printing of the measurements: temperature, humidity and other
  • outputs for cooperation with two LAB-EL devices (interface S300)
  • simple in use
  • interface RS-232 for a PC and a printer
  • power supply: internal from a battery or external 12V DC or from a network

Rejestrator LB-755A


Panel LB-755A is a recorder of the measurement data sent by the attached to it two LAB-EL measurement devices type LB-XXX, each equipped with an interface S300.

The measurement data received is presented on a built-in display and can be registered automatically in a capacious non-volatile internal memory. The recorded data can be viewed directly on a panel display, sent to a computer in order to be documented on the disk files as well as printed directly in a form of reports on an outside printer. A user can determine the upper and bottom values for all of the measured values. Exceeding the measured threshold volume value is signaled by a sound signal and a switch on of a LED diode built-in the panel.

Ultimately the panel will cooperate with all of the LAB-EL devices type LB-XXX, equipped with an interface S300. Available at present version (3.0.0) can cooperate simultaneously with two of the following devices:

  • LB-710 - hytherograph,
  • LB-710T – single-channel thermometer,
  • LB-711- multi-channel thermometer (from 1 to 8 channels),
  • LB-711 T2 OZ2 – two-channel thermometer with two additional inputs type shorted/ obtuse,
  • LB-711 T4 OZ4 – four-channel thermometer with four additional inputs type shorted/ obtuse,
  • LB-746 / LB-747 - anemometer.

Because some of the mentioned above devices perform simultaneously the measurements of few values, the panel’s LB-755A display presents their values alternately. Except from a numerical quantity of a given value and its unit, an information is displayed about a channel to which the device is attached, from which comes the measurement result and a section number attributed to the actually displayed value (i.e. LB-710 has two sections – temperature and humidity and LB-710T one field). Additionally an information can be displayed about the alarm in case when the actually displayed value exceeds set to it alarm thresholds.


  • Climate parameter monitoring both inside and outside of the rooms (the measurement sensors led outside).
  • Supervising the climate parameters during production, storage and transport of the products.
  • Permanent documentation of the climate conditions in a form of readable printout reports.
  • Alarming about not keeping the set climate parameters in the rooms.

The recorder LB-755A is equipped with one or two thermometers LB-710T (measurement of one or two temperatures) or a thermometer LB-711 (measurement of up to eight temperatures) is especially recommended for temperature registry in the trucks. Using intelligent thermometers with digital transmission resulted in elimination of influences (caused by a connection quality) on a measurement result between the recorder (installed in a truck’s cabin) and the thermometers (installed on a semi-trailer). It allows on using the typical outside cables with the terminals installed in a tractor’s driver cabin and on the semi-trailer with measurement correctness guarantee (authenticated by a Calibration Certificate from the Accredited Laboratory LAB-EL) independently from which one of the semi-trailers is to be attached to the tractor.

Data registry to memory 

The panel is equipped with an extensive memory in which the measurement data may be collected. It is possible to register the measurements in the memory: from 30540 points for registry of one temperature ( LB-710T), up to 2545 points for registry of 16 temperatures (2 x LB-711). The number of measurements is configured through selecting the adequate LAB-EL devices cooperating with the panel. A user decides about the crucial parameters for the whole session, when beginning the registry session, in particular: 

  • registry interval, from the scope 1..255 minutes, with a program step of 1 minute,
  • values of the alarm thresholds for each available section of the attached measurement devices,
  • permission for acoustic signaling of the alarm conditions,
  • blocking a possibility of switching the device off by using a keyboard,
  • introducing of any text to a non-volatile memory, which can be used for identification of the device owner or/and can serve as a verbal description of started registry session, maximally 256 characters,
  • ways of performing the registry:
    • registry until the memory is full,
    • registry with overwriting,
  • panel work manner when being battery powered:
    • panel works constantly,
    • panel is automatically switched on only for the short periods of time during the registry of the following measurement points, for the rest of the time the main part of the panel is switched off.

After starting the session, the changes in those parameters are not possible, this blockage lasts until the end of the session and memory cancel.

The recorded data can be viewed directly on the panel’s display and can also be sent to a computer in order to visualize and document the course of registry in the files or print out on an attached small printer, the data form optionally chosen time interval.


The reports created by the panel are specific documents that visualize history of the stored measurement results. A report can be created from a chosen by a user period of time (choosing an accurate date for the report’s beginning and end) or by choosing for the report the last hours of registry. It is possible to print out two types of reports: simplified and full.

A simplified report includes:

  • Optionally a user’s text introduced earlier to a non-volatile memory (maximally 256 characters),
  • Time interval covered by the report,
  • Panel serial number and its version,
  • Date and time of the report printout,
  • Type and the serial numbers of the measurement devices attached to the panel,
  • The minimum and maximum alarm threshold values stored in the non-volatile memory associated with each section of both channels,
  • Description stating the location of the following channel sections in the report,
  • List of the number of the recorded measurement records (a record consists of a date, hour and all values of recorded measurement values) covered by the report,
  • Number of non-continuity periods in the time of the recorded measurement data (if the power supply was switched off),
  • Number of records in which an alarm status was present,
  • Statement of the minimum and maximum values in every section that appeared in time covered by the report.

A full report includes apart from all of the information mentioned above also the following values of the recorded measurements results (measurement history). In every line of the measurement history a symbol ! can appear informing that the alarm status was signaled it that channel. Additionally the following measurement history positions can be interrupted by the line with the information stating that in this section the panel’s power supply was switched off and there is no continuity in the recorded data.

Technical data

  • Power supply: feeder 12V/400mA or 4 batteries R6 (AA), a clock built-in a panel is powered from an internal accumulator 3V6/60mAh.
  • Overall dimensions (height x width x length): 55 x 120 x 190 mm.
  • Output interface: in accordance with a standard RS-232C, 9600 bit/s, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, without evenness control.
  • The scope of the panel LB-755A work temperatures: 0...50 °C.
  • The scope of the measurement devices work temperatures: -40...85 °C.
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Panel LB-755 is a recorder of the measurement data sent by the attached two LAB-EL measuring devices type LB-XXX, equipped with an interface S300.
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