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  • multi channel registry of temperature, humidity, pressure and other values
  • signaling exceeding the alarm temperature levels by an SMS or e-mail
  • access through a standard internet browser
Przemysłowy System Monitorowania


The Industrial Monitoring System (called later on PSM) conducts supervision over the temperatures and pressures of the technological processes, as well as the climate parameters (air temperature and humidity in the production rooms) and other measurements (according to the requirements) and notifies a user about any inconsistencies. It is done independently from a user’s place of stay – through an sms or e-mail. The system allows also on storing the information about the sensors’ status and measurement in data files for later readout and processing. The system consists of the following component elements:

  • sensors assemblied in the technological devices: liquid and gases temperature sensors Pt100, pressure sensors with an output 4..20mA,
  • sensors placed in the production and storage rooms: hygrometers for measurement of air temperature and humidity, 
  • temperature meters LB-471T (for Pt100 sensors), the panels LB-471P for the pressure sensors,
  • temperature regulators (i.e.  LB-472, i.e. for temperature control of the pasteurizators), 
  • specialized process servos (i.e. a valve servo of pasteurized milk dump), 
  • a synoptic table consisting of the meters, panels, regulators and servos displaying the chosen measured values, randomly configured according to the requirements of a certain production place,
  • hytherographs LB-710 for measurement of air temperature and humidity,
  • concentrators collecting the measurement results (concentrators LB-731, LB-473 and converters LB-486),
  • a computer with data base software

The meters offered for the system, the displaying panels and regulators are made in a form of standard modules in casings designed for assembly on a bus rail TS35, what allows on easy configuration of the adequate set of devices in a form of a synoptic table built in standard hermetic cassettes designed for electric installations. The logic scheme of such installations was introduced in detail in a pamphlet called "The monitoring systems based on a concentrator LB-731".


The system was developed to be applied for monitoring in the companies of: 
  • milk pasteurization processes in small and medium dairies,
  • air temperature and humidity monitoring in the warehouses and in production,
  • temperature monitoring in the cold stores, refrigerators and freezers.
The system is economical and easily adjusted the needs of a certain production plant. 

Packet advantages

PSM software uses an internet browser as a graphic interface for a system allowing on notifying the chosen persons about the changes in the parameters that violate previously set thresholds. Because of that a user can be informed about exceeding i.e. permitted temperature in one of the monitored warehouses. It defines for this purpose the adequate conditions (scope of sensor temperatures, which exceeding would result in sending a communicate), specifies a type of reaction (i.e. a SMS to a set cellular telephone number) and defines in what intervals the system is supposed to work, checking the parameters. If there is a breach of conditions then a SMS communicate will be sent with a specified message to a provided cellular number. Additionally, a user can define a mail box and an e-mail as means of contact and receive those lists also from a telephone.

A user can upon a request, receive the communicates about proper system work. The practice has shown that such function is very valuable, especially when room air conditioning works correctly. The communicates “self test” provide certainty of proper PSM system work.

If a user has a remote access to a company network through i.e. a public network (it depends on specific installations, authorizations etc.) one can remotely change the system settings and supervise the parameter status using an internet browser.

In PSM system the newest technology has been applied, to assure security and adequate product storage conditions, adequate to the requirements of valid regulations and ISO standards, HACCP and  other rules. The system responds immediately to each irregularly – notifies the persons responsible in every place and of any time (as long as they have their cellular phone with them). It is necessary in modern companies that want to meet the European standards.

Operational use

In order to start working with PSM – one must pass the authorization procedures in the system by providing one’s login and a password.

To each one of the sensors a logic condition is set by a user (one out of three: larger, smaller or equal) in connection with a specified value, to which a reaction is supposed to take place. Additionally, the complex conditions are available, allowing joining in one rule few conditions and defining for them a common reaction.

Three basic reactions are available for fulfilling the alarm conditions:
  • "Signaler" - if we want to be informed about not fulfilling the criteria defined in a chosen external factor by an acoustic-optic signaler,
  • "SMS" - if we want to be informed by an SMS,
  • "Mail" - if we want to obtain information by electronic mail.

Equipment requirements

At a side of a client a browser Internet Explorer version 5.0, Mozilla albo Netscape w wersji 4.7 is recommended or newer ones with a monitor of least 800x600 resolution.

At a side or a server a PC computer Celeron 350MHz is enough (with a memory RAM 128MB, HDD 8GB and a multi port card RS-232). For each COM computer ports the concentrators are attached LB-731 and LB-473 that cooperate with the meters.

The server uses software that works in a system LINUX Redhat 8.

Demo version

In order to become familiar with the work of an example PSM system one should choose the following address: http://www.meteo.waw.pl/psmk/ in one’s internet browser. Access to a DEMO version of the PSM system starts in this way.

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