LB-762 Controller Installation Manual

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Edition 7


Laboratory Electronics
Herbaciana 9
05-816 Reguły

Table of Contents

1. System description
1.1. External connections of a single LB-762 regulator
1.2. Measurement probes
1.3. Executive equipment
1.4. Data transmission network
1.4.1. Ethernet network
1.4.2. RS-485 network
1.5. Cooperation with LB-760 regulators
1.6. Collective measurement of external air parameters
1.7. Collective CO2 concentration measurement
2. Elements of regulator
2.1. Connections
2.2. Signaling LEDs
2.2.1. Errors in operation
3. Connectors description
3.1. Mains supply
3.2. Earthing
3.3. Measurement probes
3.3.1. Psychrometers
3.3.2. Thermometers
3.4. Analog input 0-10V
3.4.1. Connection of analog CO2 concentration meter
3.5. Inputs of S300 measurement sensors
3.5.1. Connection of CO2 concentration meter type LAB-EL LB-850
3.5.2. Connection of hytherograph type LAB-EL LB-710
3.6. Relay outputs
3.6.1. Connection of OPEN-CLOSE 230V valve
3.7. Outputs of analog servomotors
3.7.1. Servomotor power supply
3.7.2. Connection diagrams - actuator with analog input
3.7.3. Connection diagrams - actuator open-close
3.8. Bus of digital servomotors BELIMO MP-BUS
3.8.1. Servomotor power supply
3.8.2. Connecting cable
3.8.3. Connections diagram
3.8.4. Setting of servomotor addresses
3.9. Analog outputs 0-10V
3.10. Ethernet network
3.10.1. Configuration example
3.11. RS-485 network
3.11.1. Termination of RS-485 network

List of Figures

1.1. External connections diagram of LB-762 regulator
1.2. Executive equipment
1.3. Scheme of a system with several LB-762 regulators and Ethernet network
1.4. Scheme of a system with several LB-762 regulators and RS-485 network
1.5. Scheme of a system with LB-762 and LB-760 regulators
1.6. Scheme of a collective system of CO2 concentration measurement
2.1. Connectors of regulator LB-762
3.1. Scheme of psychrometer connection
3.2. Scheme of connection of temperature probe
3.3. Scheme of connection of FUJI ZFP9 type meter
3.4. Scheme of connection of LAB-EL LB-850 type meter
3.5. Scheme of connection of LAB-EL LB-710 type meter
3.6. Scheme of connection system of a typical valve to relay output
3.7. Scheme of connection of analog servomotors Belimo
3.8. Scheme of connection of analog servomotors Johnson Control
3.9. Scheme of connection of analog servomotor without return signal
3.10. Scheme of connection of open-close actuators
3.11. Scheme of connection of bus of servomotors BELIMO MP-BUS
3.12. Scheme of connection of frequency converter type OBRUSN PC3.., OBRUSN PC4.., SSD Drives 605, SSD Drives 650 and similar
3.13. Scheme of RS-485 network connection
3.14. Scheme of correct and incorrect RS-485 network topology
3.15. RS-485 network termination switches

List of Tables

3.1. Maximum cable length for section 0.75 mm mm2