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  • functions: thermometer, hygrometer
  • measurement: temperature, air relative humidity
  • two cable connection
  • digital result transmission to long distances
  • resistant and dust proof casing
  • economic version

Thermometer - hygrometer LB-710B


Thermometer - hygrometer LB-710B is designed for temperature and air relative humidity measurement in rooms. It can work in places where there is great dustiness because of a hermetic casing used and an appropriate filter protecting the measuring sensors. The device in a standard version is equipped with a sensor shield (pollution filter) type F3. The device is a stationary one of small size powered from an outside source.

The device uses for measurement data from a temperature and relative humidity sensor. The temperature and humidity measurement results are sent from the device in a digital form to a supervisory system of the data collection. This interface except for data transmission is also used for powering the hytherograph - using a two cable line for this purpose (i.e. type used in phone installations) where a polarity of attaching interface cables is random.

The device can be attached to any supervisory system i.e. a climate regulator LB-722, a concentrator LB-731 (creating a monitoring system), a panel LB-755, a converter LB-486 or (using a converter LB-371) to an interface RS232C of any computer. It allows on remote and automatic measurement of data collection. In a version LB-710BY the device has a connection type SzR14.

The device does not have any mechanical calibration elements (i.e.: potentiometers). The calibration of the device is performed by sending calibration data obtained in model climate conditions through the digital interface to the non-volatile memory of device. It guarantees comfort and high calibration accuracy as well as stability of the device's meteorological parameters in time.

Thermometer - hygrometer LB-710B is a simplified version of a hytherograph LB-710. The elements used in it are less expensive and the production procedures were simplified what allowed on obtaining lower final price for this device compared to similar devices sold on the market with comparable technical possibilities.


Measurement inaccuracy +/- 0.4°C
Scope of work 0..+70°C
Measurement inaccuracy +/- 2.0% for temperature 22°C
Scope of work 0..100% for temperatures up to +40°C
0..60% for temperatures up to +70°C
0..40% for temperatures up to +85°C
Scope of voltage
8..24V DC  
Energy consumption 4mA average
25mA maximum
Casing overall dimensions, material 170 x 64 x 35 mm  polymas, ABS
Degree of casing protection 
IP 65 limited additionally by a class of filter protection


Transmission parameters: time in accordance with RS232C, 300 bps, 7 bits of information, without evenness control, 1 stop bit, working in a standard of digital current loop.


LB-710Y with a connection SzR14
The following versions are available upon a special order:
  • LB-710BFn - sensor protection version ( according to a description), version given if different than F3.
  • LB-710BY - with a connection joint SzR14 (instead of clamps inside a casing).